Thursday, July 1, 2010

Toby update

It is the Bob half of the MegBob team here.

Megan fed and bathed the Tobester at the hospital this morning. He is a little piggy and the nurse had to slow him down by getting Meg to take the bottle off him every few minutes. He didn't like the bath and had some bottom lip action happening, but came good when wrapped in his towel.

Meg is a natural! I had to watch behind glass but felt okay because he is coming home tomorrow!



Oddity Acres Clan said...

So excited that bubs is going home with you both tomorrow.

tjudle said...

I can totally imagine Meg cradling your son and Toby's bottom lip pouting out in a quiver. Thanks, Bob, for the update. Great visuals!

Fredrik said...

That is terrific! It is nice that you can get him to your stay so soon!

Congratulations again!