Monday, August 30, 2010

Feeling a bit like Spring around here

My little darling, doing what he does best - schnoooooooooze

Nanny's baby. Her second grandchild and first grandson. The love was instant.

My mum came last week. She is now back in Brisvegas. 10 too-short days. My dad has been unwell, so he couldn't come but mummy and Toby will fly to Brisvegas in a month to visit. Nanny loves her little grandson and I caught her crying over him the day she was leaving. It is so very very hard to be so far away from my mum and dad. I have a wonderful family here in Bob's parents and sisters and brother, and great-grandma, and my Polish side of the family. But sometimes a girl just wants her mummy. (Sob).

Getting to know Nanny (my mum).

Mummy and baby - self-portrait with nanny's camera.

The wearing of make-up didn't last long. Ah, bah-humbug. I truly do dress in my bathrobe all day, and can't get to the shower until Bob comes home. The Tobester is full-time work. He sleeps during the day, but only in my arms. If I can get him into the cot it is only for 45 minutes max, and I generally choose to cook, catch up on housework or work, do bugger the make-up! hey, I'm gorgeous anyway ; )) Beauty is about being happy and contended and at peace, not body weight, nice clothes or cosmetics. I am so very very happy!

Cuddling in with Nanny

So often I see Toby curled in with his dad, or his brother, his aunts, his grandma, or, in this case his Nanny. And my heart just swells. I didn't know a heart could hold so much and be so full of love it could burst. At times I want to cry, and sometimes I do cry, at the sheer beauty of our child. I would sell my soul to the devil to keep him near.

Our baby is smiling!

Not the best pic of his smile - it's very difficult to capture as the smiles are so fleeting for now, but he wakes in the morning and has a good chat with himself and gives lots of big gummy heart-melting smiles and oohs and aahs. We talk back to him, and tell him about the world, and repeat his calls and he replies, and we reply and he is so proud of himself, as we are of him. Sometimes he snorts when he giggles.

Things I have learned since becoming a mummy

Where do I start?

1. It's hard, tiring, sleep-depriving work, but so pleasurable it's not work.

2. You do NOT want twins, even though they are double the fun, one baby will stretch you in ways you could never imagine, even if you don't think it will.

3. Forget sleep, housework, make-up, dressing well, work et al for the first two months.

4. Single parents and parents of multiples need medals.

5. That second child we were planning because we're getting long-in-the-tooth will have to wait. Two under two will be very very hard.

6. Showers are over-rated.

7. Going to bed in your clothes means you wake up dressed.

8. Stretchy pants, tops, jumpers, stretchy anything is the only way to dress.

9. Burp and burp well. If you don't you both pay for it later with gas pain.

10. There is always another burp in the belly.


Anonymous said...

Lol!! God you are funny Meg and Toby is too beautiful for words...

Oddity Acres Clan said...

Such a wonderful blog post Meg.
Toby is comming along like a dream and your Mum looked so happy!

It will be wonderful for you to see your Dad too. We wish you a safe journey

Blessed be the stretchy clothing and the bath robe :-)

Stephaniekb said...

So happy to hear how much fun you are having. Personal hygiene is overrated, but I hope you round the corner soon and start getting more sleep. I hear you about 2 babies -- we had a neighbor with a preemie newborn over the other day, and I just couldn't imagine starting over just yet.

Edward said...

I love it is spring somewhere! We're getting into cooler nights already. Pics are lovely.
By all accounts, we should be sleeping and bathing as much as possible right NOW!

The Heffernan's said...

Meg, Toby is gorgeous. You must be doing a great job because he looks like one contented baby.

Tigerlilycat said...

The only problem with stretchy clothes is you don't realise how much weight you've put on until you try to get into something else in your wardrobe :( Great photos. I'll sure your mum had a ball getting to know Toby, as will your dad shortly.

Anonymous said...

Lol - what about single parents of multiples! Trust me - a lot of work!!!