Thursday, August 12, 2010

On to better things! Toby pics!!!

How precious is this?!!!!

Have been busting to upload more pics of our beautiful boy. Here he is! Can one get a more perfect child than this? Of course you can, I am putting my hand up as being infected with gooey love and mummy brain. I used to think the term "mummy brain" came from hanging out with babies all day, and losing one's intelligence. Not so. Mummy brain refers to a parent (mother or father) who is sleep deprived, and can't string two words together, much less make a blog post.

Some facts about Toby:

Toby hates his cot. Here is Toby in the cot of horror. If you click on the pic you will get an enlargement and see the absolute look of disgust on his face. "Parents, you may well have gotten me into this cot, but once you take this pic I will scream!" And he did. Toby kinda reminds me of a baby called Stewie.

Toby thinks his big brother is kinda okay. Especially when he holds him up to the leadlight windows and lets him see the black and white shapes and light dancing across various angles. Toby looks a bit cross-eyed in this pic, he's not, and is struggling, as always, to keep his head up and active. He lost all his hair at the front and it is now growing back, a soft light browny copper coloured fur.

Toby and Willo.

Our soon-to-be newest parents, from Flight of the Humblebee, it's Jo and Tim, loving all over T-Boy. Is this not just the best pic of new parents ever? So fantastic to catch up with J and T after so long. So exciting they are in Delhi right now, and their baby Bee is almost born. What a very long road they have travelled.

How ready is Jo to be a mummy? Bliss bliss and a bit more bliss.

And one for the boys. He's taken guys!

What a lovely man, just so attentive and eager to learn, willing to accept my pearls of parenting wisdom with my whole six weeks of parenting experience.

So much to tell, so little time.

Toby had his 6 week check-up. He is just fine, perfectly healthy, in the 75th percentile for weight and the 25th percentile for height. Can't win em all, tall is the new overrated. Last week he weighed 5.22 kilos. Our little chubba bubba. Toby loves his food.

He hasn't quite cracked a smile, but is very close.

He has very strong legs. He can kick off his swaddle within 2 seconds flat, then his blankets shortly after. He kicked the GP today, even she was amazed at how strong his little legs are.

He is an angel when he has visitors but quickly Stewie-fies once the visitors have gone.

He has enormous eyes!

He still wants to be in the arms all day long. If cuddled, he is the perfect most calm baby in the world.

He can down 120mls at 2am in five minutes flat, but takes 45 minutes and messes around with the last 10 mls during day feeds.

He has learned to say: "Aaahh", and "Coo"

He is starting to mimic faces.

He loves his magnetic stackables.

He is not so keen on Willo's dancing stuffed penguin that sings, "Ice Ice Baby".

He is so very very loved : )))


Edward said...

What a lovely post (Both of 'em - wink!). I wanna live in your neighborhood too. Think of the play dates we could have.
BUT MY GOD MEG - that crib looks like my college dorm room! Toby wants to stretch those long legs! No wonder he hates it in there. Give a boy some room. :-)

Amani (Meg) said...

Eeek, it's not normally like that. Usually have empty beer bottles and sophomore g-strings in there too.

J and A said...

Six weeks and already showing impeccable taste in music. Hating Vanilla Ice is a sign of superior intelligence.

Can't believe it's already been six weeks!

Tigerlilycat said...

LOL - we've got that singing, dancing penguin too (had to buy it when we realised the song it played considering we called our frozen embies ice ice babies for such a long time) and our boys love it! No taste in this house...

[and beautiful photos of J and T; so looking forward to seeing similar photos where they're holding their own baby in the very near future]

Stephaniekb said...

He's absolutely gorgous! How perfectly sweet and cuddly he looks. (of course, I can't see the stewie-transformation!) So very loved indeed. Enjoy all these little moments, even the ones at 2 am.

tjudle said...

He looks like a sleeping angel in that top pic. So nice to see Tim and Jojo practicing their parenting skills. They both look like naturals. Where are the pics of mummy and daddy?

jojo said...

big cuddles to all of you from Delhi!

We're off for a curry tonight...might be our last as DINKS.



Stinemor said...


He is so cute...

I have an other solution on the "hate the crib" than Edward (sorry). Perhaps he need a blanket or something around inside the crib that makes it smaller aroud him. Just think he has been inside a belly for a long time a needs to feel somtething around him...
Well i don't know....
Best of luck, i just love your blog!

coco said...

what beautiful little boys both griffin and toby are and both with a head full of hair. so glad you two have traveled the long road together and now both have babes in arm. such inspiration! how great they will grow up together no matter where in the world they are.
p.s. i agree with stinemor. after being in a little belly the crib probably seems humungous which is why babies like to be swaddled. don't worry though, he'll be busting out in no time. next thing you know he'll tell you to call him on his celly before entering his room