Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Settling in

Toby, asleep in his cot. At last. Bob was the golden parent who figured out how to get small boy to stay in his cot. It required a lot of back patting and shooshing, and some persererence when he would fall asleep only to wake up within five minutes and freak out.

William and Toby doing the Oreo relay. Apparently, this was the only way William could them into his mouth whilst holding Toby. Bless!

William and Toby. I love this photo!

Brotherly love!


Ula and Saul said...

He is sooooo sweet. You must be really proud. Happy to see him in his cot. I remember Amani posting the images of the nursery before you went to India and now he is here. Congratulations!

Toban M said...

Awww what a ridiculously cute crib :} Very cute pictures Meg. Thanks for sharing them with us as always.

Stephaniekb said...

So cute. Love the photo at the end where William is holding Toby and Toby looks like an old man and William looks like a little boy.

tjudle said...

Sounds like Bob used the "Baby Whisperer" techniques. Welcome home, BTW! :)

Will and Michael said...

Great to see you guys settling it at home!!!

Toby is beautiful you both must be extremely proud!!!


Oddity Acres Clan said...

Hey.. glad to see you all settling into real life again.

Such lovely pics of your boys together xxoo