Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some Toby Goodness

Yo peeps, it's been awhile. Did you miss me? Check out my milky tongue. Does my butt look big in this blue blankie? Ooh yeah!

Tis me hanging with my Aunty Belinda, who flew all the way from Melbourne to make sure Aunty Sally doesn't become my favourite.

The boys having a "rest" on the couch. Amber is sleeping on Bob's feet. Yes, the dog is back inside, and back on the lounge. I'm weak, I admit it! Some things never change.

I went a bit wild in the nursery with Winnie the Pooh. Above the leather lounge - we can't get it out of the room, it won't go through the new doorways and the window it come in through has been bricked over. So much for forward planning. Toby reminds me of Pooh bear especially when I sit him up for a burp. He is such a cute, chubby little womble.

Above the change table, Pooh on the left is a cartoon Toby.

Above the fireplace. Pooh and Tigger. I will eventually replace the cards with photos of Toby's Indian surrogacy friends from all over the world.

On the cupboard next to the cot.

Toby is two months old today. I can't say the time has flown, I haven't actually noticed time. Dr S said the first two months you are a zombie. So true. but we're coming out of that stage with Toby sleeping better, and me giving up on forcing him into his cot. I have noticed Toby getting bigger and bigger and bigger! Especially his head. He's a monster! All the little hats that swam on his head as a newborn are too small. He is almost out of his 0000, but not quite into 000. he eats like a trooper, then eats some more. I fear he will end up like the fish in this book. Now that's a blast from the past - anyone remember it? It's about a little boy who feeds his fish too much and it grows out of it's bowl, then out of a saucepan, then out of the bath tub ... and so on

I love being a mother! I love, it adore it, treasure it. I love it so much I might marry it. Sure, the sleep deprivation isn't fun, and the fact you can't just get up when you want and do what you want takes some getting used to.

As Toby grows the bonding just gets stronger and stronger. Night time feeds I love. We lay together gazing into each other's eyes, me smiling, Toby with a bottle in his gob, cooing and ahhing and doing full body writhes with the ecstasy of milk, until he smacks the bottle out of his mouth and lets rip a burp worthy of a wharfie. He farts while he drinks, in fact he farts a lot. It is always in tandem with sucking on his bottle. It goes in one end as liquid gold and out the other as milky stench, or mustard poop. Oh the poop. The bigger they get the messier the nappies. My brother-in-law has warned me about the poo explosion, apparently it gets worse and can reach half way up babe's back. Toby is out of newborn nappies, though we still have a huge box left.

Other news
Bob has gone back to work. Nanny (my mum) is coming from Queensland tomorrow night - I can't wait. We are in the extension, sans one couch. The new kitchen is a dream. It is so clean and new and big and easy, you actually feel like making food and washing up. And the black granite bench tops with silver flecks hides food scraps beautifully!

There is still so much to do on the house. Bob has ripped out the old kitchen and found treasure - a 1949 penny and the skeleton of a rat. A BIG rat. William has decided he will have the old kitchen as his bedroom. I agreed we will paint it yellow. It has a lovely big window and afternoon sunlight. I'm thinking a lovely buttery pale yellow. Willo is thinking Spongebob Squarepants. (Not in my lifetime Sunshine)

We're waiting to financially recover a bit before we can finish off inside with skirting boards and archetraves, install a glass splash back in the kitchen, put windows in the laundry and toilet (boarded up for now) pave the verandah, install a new fence, pave behind the house, put in a driveway, landscape the front ... ah, the list is endless, but we'll get there. Who needs a perfect house when you have the one thing you never thought would be yours ... Toby!

I knew motherhood would be good, I didn't know it would be this good. I have never felt the love I feel for Toby, and it just gets broader and higher and wider and deeper. I now know what it people mean when they say, "I can't imagine my life without my child".


Tigerlilycat said...

What a cutie - I can definitely see the red tinge in the hair coming through. Had to laugh about your Winnie the Poo comparisons as Taj has some Winnie stuff too as he's got the belly, where Alex has got the butt. Funny that Toby has both.

And you have a lifetime to finish the renos. We wnat video when you have to dismantle the lounge to get it out...

Edward said...

He's just getting handsomer by the day! Motherhood suits you...you can see a giant smile in every word you write.

jojo said...

I spot a bumblebee on the wall!

Toby is looking so cute - such big eyes and so alert.

Your life does rock, girl...and why shouldn't it?


Will and Michael said...

he is very cute - enjoy every minute!!!

so looking forward to our turn but my fingers are still tightly crossed..

Kerrie and Mark said...

Sheesh he is adorable! I agree with Edward that your words portray giant smiles.

Stephaniekb said...

Loving hearing about every moment, poo explosions notwithstanding! (Been there, done that, got the (dirty) t-shirt.) Enjoy it all. Since he's eating so well, he may start sleeping longer stretches in the next month or two, and then you will feel the love and be awake enough to enjoy it!

Toronto couple said...

He is adorable, getting cuter and cuter every day. What are you guys feeding him?

Mandy said...

Gosh i cant get enough of him, how cute! great to hear about the reno..he is our little pohh bear!


Mike and Mike said...

You've gone Pooh crazy! Toby will either love it or have horrific nightmares of a giant yellow bear chasing after him with a honey pot.

Snarkiness aside...SOOOO CUTE! Welcome to motherhood Meg.

Oddity Acres Clan said...

You know what, He is absolutely gorgeous and perfect!! You are doing amazingly well as a Mummy! Total Natural. And Kudos to Bob, his vid sessions are cool!

CocoaMasala said...

He is one handsome little man! I agree with Edward motherhood really does suit you Sweetie ;)