Saturday, August 14, 2010

Welcome little GRIFFIN!!!!

A poem from Toby:

Come over Griffin
I'll teach you some Stewie
We'll sink down some bottles
And get ourselves pooie.

What a glorious day, the birth of Griffin. J and T - you look exuberant, amazed, enthralled and just a bit shocked. All babes in blog land are special, but Griffin just a bit more so as we started our surrogacy journies together at the end of 2008, and here we are almost two years later, mummies at last! Jo and Tim had so many tries, and are the epitome of never giving up.

First time I've wore makeup since being home, then I watched Jo and Tim's video and cried off the mascara.

I kid you not, he can hold his bottle.

Look mum, "One hand". Okay, it's not for long and the bottle has to be almost empty, but he really is keen on getting the bottle from mum and into his own control. I think super-suction is keeping the bottle aloft more so than hand strength.

Playtime on the activity mat. Toby is entralled by the chicken.

Toby is 7 weeks old on Tuesday. He is changing so much. This past week has seen him suddenly more alert than ever. It's as if he has woken from a deep sleep and he has to take in anything and everything, all at once, in case he misses something. He loves looking at the lead light windows, and at the sky. His eyes are very big and inquisitive, and getting a paler blue. His new hair is growing back fair with a coppery tinge to it.

His neck is incredibly strong, and his favourite position is still over mum or dad's shoulder, but now with his little head up for minutes at a time. In fact, it's pretty hard to get him to put it down, and when you try it ends in a head butt to the shoulder. His legs are so strong even the doctor commented on them. he goes stiff when you change his nappy, and wriggles like a little worm. If you put on his nappy with stiff legs, it is too lose and pee leaks when you least expect it. (Like yesterday when i was skyping with Jo, he peed all over the desk : ))

We've taken a different tact with the fight for sleep. Mummy has been reading baby books, in particular the "sleep" section. I also Googled and found a load of information about CIO (cry it out) vs co-sleeping. Such diametrically opposed views, than ended in heated debate then personal abuse on some parenting forums.

If I had my choice I would co-sleep. But this is not possible for us because Bob is a very deep sleeper, whereas I will wake to the slightest snork coming from Toby. Bob also snores, so neither of us would get any sleep. The routine now is to let him fall asleep in the arms and wait til he's really out to it, then sneak him into his cot. He will stay zonked out for usually no more than three minutes, then realise he has been tricked, and it all starts. Waaaah! With pacifying and comforting and shusshing, he will settle but as soon as you walk away, it's on again. This goes on for around 45 minutes - cry, comfort, settle, sleep, wake, cry ... but eventually works.

Some books - and indeed, our child health nurse, tell you to leave babies to cry for short periods of time, to let them reach a crescendo of the wail, then they will settle. Toby doesn't. He reaches the height of his distress and it stays there. I refuse to let my baby cry it out alone in his cot.

It takes so much perseverance to get this little one to settle. If he was in our bed, he would be out to it in seconds and not stir until he is hungry. I guess that's the price we pay for co-sleeping in India, which was out of necessity rather than choice.

Apart from our hassles getting Toby into his cot, he is a lovely little baby, who is happy to be cuddled by anyone. He loves his bottle and grunts and makes the funniest noises, then does a full body wave, stretching and gooing, and writhing on the ecstasy of milk. He is settling in his vibrating bouncer, and is now interested in the hanging monkey and lion, and he likes the song. Mummy has "Here we go Loobie Loo" resonating inside her skull most of the time.

We are tired. Bob returns to work tomorrow, so I'll be Home Alone! This parenting caper is hard work, not because you are super busy or it is physically hard, but because every thing you do, you do from behind the 8 ball. Sleep deprivation makes things hard. But I'm not complaining!

For Jo and Tim, we found some useful parenting tips to help you along your way.


jojo said...

aawww, thanks Toby! Griff loves his poem and can't wait to make some poo with you.

In the book we've been reading, it says babies who are bottle fed have poos like modelling clay. we could have some real fun with that!


Kerrie and Mark said...

Did it feel good to wear makeup for 10 minutes? He is such a strong boy at 7 weeks. He is definately a keeper...cute as a button!!! Good luck tomorrow when Bob goes back to work, I hope it is not to difficult of a day.

Rebecca said...

You look beautiful miss!!! Motherhood looks good on you. I wanted you to know, I have Toby's blue blanket almost finished and I can't find anymore blue thread, it is discontinued, so I was wondering if you would mind it to be trimmed in white so that I could finish it. I have looked everywhere, even the manufacturer and it is no longer being produced. They have pink and white left. Let me know so I can get you blanket out to him, it will be perfect and keep him toasty for winter. Hugs, Rebecca