Saturday, September 11, 2010

My poor little baby

Toby is teething. Yes, at 11 weeks. He started dribbling last week, and chewing his hand. Being a new mother I was completely clueless that both are signs of teething. This past week he has been cranky, clingy and is chewing his bottle teat rather than drinking the milk. He slept for most of today, and won't let me leave him. I have been stuck on the couch pretty much all day with a grizzly baby. Clueless mummy here mentioned the dribble to Bob tonight, and the wise one, who has done this twice before, said, "He's teething!"

"No!!! He's too young to teethe".

So I googled baby dribble and discovered some babies can start as young as 6 weeks. Some babies are even born with their teeth already through. Bob's mum confirms, Bob was a very early teether.

Bob did the old sterilise a spoon and run the handle of it along the gums trick - if you feel a scratchy sensation, they're teething. And sure enough, his back teeth on the bottom are starting to grow. His poor little gums have gone white on the top and are a little inflamed at the base.

Tonight Toby had his first taste of something other than milk - baby Panadol. He seemed to think it was pretty okay, until it hit his taste buds at the back of his mouth and he realised it was sickly sweet/bitter and his little face contorted into all kinds of weird grimaces.

Many Australians will recall the revolting "cherry medicine" of their childhoods. We're not talking natural cherry flavour that comes from nature, rather those horrid red maraschino cherries one finds plopped on the top of cheap vanilla ice-cream. I can confirm folks, the Panadol recipe hasn't changed in 40 years.

Father's Day 2010.

You may have to click on the pic to see Willo's artwork, I just love the drawings of Will, the Tobester and dad with a Chopper moe, all in shady glasses, with arms crossed in a symbol of masculine unity.

Aunty Sally and Toby love.

First trip in the pram. Take me walkies and do it NOW!

I have been videoing more than taking pics lately. Toby is doing so much talking now. He loves a good prattle in the morning and is very generous with his "ooh and aahhs", he mimics my face, and his smiles, though still infrequent, are divine. Will have to figure out how to upload the video and post.

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Johnny and Darren said...

Poor little man, teething already! Don't you just loathe infant panadol. I agree that the recipe is LOOONG overdue for a revamp. I remember not so fondly having to take it when I was sick and Noah had sone during winter when he had croup - yuck!

So many photos posted since I was last on blogger. You all look so happy and why wouldn't you be with such a handsome boy!