Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Needing sleep

Mr Big Eyes. They are still blue.
Meg in the raw. When you least expect it, your mother takes a photo of you and your double chin cause no matter how rotten you look, you will always be her beautiful baby.

Half naked, yeah mum! Let's do the happy dance.

Toby had me up this morning at 3.50am. He has been doing great in his cot, but this morning, he was a grizzlie little bear. I am dead tired, running on fumes, yet I am nowhere near as brain-deadedly exhaustedly delirious as I was even a month ago. I guess you get used to sleep deprivation.

I refuse to apply any rules or routines to our baby, no matter what any book says. I feed on demand (usually every 3 hours now, so a bit better than every 2 hours as it was for the first 8 weeks), I swaddle unless he is distressed, we co-sleep if needed, by either of us, he sleeps on the lounge - at times "unattended" - shock, horror!!!! and I have thrown all the books away. We're doing great.

Toby is now three months old. He is out of "newborn" nappies and into "infant". I have ditched Huggies - too expensive, and started using Babylove. Same thing - sucks up wee and poo and half the cost of Huggies. Toby is now in 000 tops, but 0000 pants still fit. We have abandoned sleep suits, he hates them and so do I. He loves his swing chair, expect for the mobiles, which he ducks when swinging forward. He has started to grab my hair. he reaches for m, he holds my fingers. He nuzzles my neck when needy, and kicks me when I get in the way. He is a happy baby and I am a very happy mummy.

Teething is a happening thing. His little gums at the bottom back are so sore and inflamed sometimes, with raised white on tops. At the front in the middle he has two little slithers of white toothie peeking through.

He is changing so very much. He is a real chatter, especially in the morning. He knows who his mummy is. He chats away, and laughs, while gulping huge gasps of air, and I am sure he has started singing. He is so into being awake, and will delay sleep as long as he can, there is simply too much life and many good times to be had.

Most of all I love those special mummy smiles, that come at times when least expected, and never when asked for, that spread across his chubby cheeks and light up his face and mine.

I love his laugh, I love hearing him chortle away to himself in the mornings while he is in his cot watching his mobile. Bob has taught him that a chicken says, "Cheep", and turtle says "Moo" and a snail says "Baa". Hmm. What sounds do turtles and snails make?

He loves Myrtle his stuffed turtle, who, suspended on spring from the light shade in his room, dances when mummy pulls her legs. He loves back pats and bott patts, he loves mummy's arms, he loves milk, milk and more milk, and he loves being in the nude sans nappy so he can stretch with wild abandon.

Mummy's days: there's not much to them these days. Wake, so a bit of work on the computer, read the blogs, feed Toby, spend 3 hours talking and playing with Toby, try to make Toby sleep, pay some bills, make milk, make more milk, forget the house work, procrastinate over getting the house extnesion done, ignore the phone, feed Toby, talk and play with Toby, make more milk, watch Toby eat, sleep, breathe, and make more milk. More often these days I sit in the sun and ponder the existence of life.

I never knew being a mummy would be such a spiritually awakening experience.


Terry & Steve said...

We brought some Huggies and some 'Parents Choice' (Wal Mart brand) and same conclusion - half the price and they do the very same job!

I have one asleep in his cot, a husband asleep on the sofa and one that won't sleep in my lap - nodding off. Yet, every time I put him in the cot he commences screaming again.

Toronto couple said...

guys, he is so cute. I would forgive angel face like this keeping me up all night anytime.

Cheers, Ula

The Heffernan's said...

Meg, Toby is such a gorgeous looking child! No wonder you can't get any housework done looking at him all day. One smile would be enough.

Tigerlilycat said...

See, I told you there was nothing the same as life before and life after children!! Love the photo of you two on the lounge.

[Big W boxes of BabyLove have at least 20 more nappies in them than what you get at the supermarket, and for the same price - even better is when they're on special for 2 boxes for $50 as they are currently. Go put a stack on layby.]

jojo said...

beautiful. i couldn't be happier for you :))))

Kerrie and Mark said...

He is beautiful (so are you and Bob~can't always be about Toby)! My father in law says you get to sleep when your dead, so you have a long time before then :)

Jeff and Kevin said...

The picture of you two sleeping. Love it! So perfect together. You'll LOVE the mom for taking that one one day!

Doug R said...

Toby is so adorable. And you guys are such proud parents...

and thanks for all your encouragement and support for all of us out here in the surrogacy world. it really means a lot! Aloha!