Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back to Goodness ... It's the Tobytron!

My little boxer.

See how big I am

The past couple of weeks Toby is interested in the hangy down things on his play gym. Mummy happened to have the camera ready when Toby finally caught the flower. I was so proud!

Busted smiling. The smiles and laughs come readily these days. This boy is a real talker too.

Mr Milky face. The hands are in his mouth a lot these days.

Sumo stretch.

Smiling up at daddy.

We've started work on the house again. Oh my, what a mess. The old kitchen is being pulled apart. There is a large pile of bricks out the front from where the old fireplace and chimney were removed. I have dust and dirt all over the house. I am constantly cleaning : ((

The back bedroom had to have the ceiling replaced as it was sagging so badly it would have only lasted another couple of years. best to get it done now while the floors in the old part of the house aren't polished.

To top it all off, the plumbing got blocked, the toilets backed up, the shower was coming up through the bathroom floor, and showers were making the kitchen sink go glug glug glug.

The pic above is the old kitchen. It will be Willo's bedroom. Its quite a decent sized room now the old hallway is combined. The bricklayer comes tomorrow to brick up holes and the old doorways. Once that is done the plasterer can come in and finish my office and make me a linen cupboard. Woo hoo!

Some Toby facts:

He knows who mummy is

He reaches for mummy

He is not so keen on strangers

He says "oooh, ahhh, gaaa, ohhhh, haaaa and .mmm"

He sleeps in his cot!!!

He rarely cries and when he does there is always a reason

He settles quickly

He still eats every three hours

He makes little whimpery groaning sounds when he falls asleep in my arms

I love him so much, more and more every day. I cannot imagine my life without him. Sometimes the love I feel for him is so intense it hurts. I never imagined it could be this good.


Terry & Steve said...

Oh Meg he is so cute!! He has grown heaps too!

tjudle said...

Goodness gracious, what a cutie patootie! <3

Delhi Dreamers said...

He is getting bigger by the day!! Too cute!!!

Stephaniekb said...

Wow oh wow he's cute, and very advanced for his age! Glad to get the house update, too -- life will be good when all the dust settles!

Kerry said...

Wow!! He has grown so much!! He looks so happy :)

jojo said...

Beautiful post! Beautiful boy! Beautiful Mummy!

Your life sounds perfect and I couldn't be happier for you.



Gemma said...

What a cutie pie! He's grown so much.

Edward said...

That round head! Those big eyes! That Smile!
Good going Toby!

Will and Michael said...

He is very cute!!!! You guys must so proud of yourselves....

Paul said...

Very cute. Are his eyes still blue? At what age do the eyes normally change to whatever color after blue. All 3 of our girls eyes have turned brown and they weren't even supposed to have been born yet. Me thinks if they are still blue they will stay blue, no? Anyway, very cute indeed.