Friday, October 22, 2010

Bubba Doodle

My new sideboard! Antique jarrah, 1893. Finally off lay-by after months. Roses are from our garden, grown by moi : )

Stunned mullet - or would be if he had hair.

That cannot be comfortable

Grandma, a jealous photo for the other grandma to encourage her to get herself over to WA. I miss my mummy!!!

Grandson/grandma finger crunch

Falling asleep sitting up.

First- to Todd, a big thanks for your suggestion. I looked up the snot sucker and dry wretched. If I'd had food in my stomach it would have ended up all over the keyboard. You seriously suck the snot out through a tube? Oh my. There's even a video of it in action. Bob reckons the snot doesn't get to your mouth, but collects in a filter. Ewww, who cleans the filter? Not Bob, that would be me! Ewww. I don't think you realise just how much of an aversion I have to mucus. I bet I get one for my birthday : (

Things are humming along. We're off to buy an alcatraz set-up tomorrow. Toby is getting mobile. No more on the lounge, which he hogs anyway. He is almost rolling and he is such a little wriggler, and kicker. He has pretty good control of his hands now, and the legs know what they're doing, but coordination of all four isn't quite there. Tell you what, he can pack a punch with those feet. His morning joy is to lie with mummy and kick her in her stomach, and anywhere else he can land a blow, while chatting incessantly and occasionally letting out the loudest shrieks of utter joy.

This morning we were in bed with him and he started yabbering on in cute little gremlin-esque chittering, it was so funny, but as he got louder and louder the sounds turned to something you'd hear come from the bowels of a wild beast. The boy has good control of his vocal chords and mummy is suffering. He is actually calling out, not with an actual word, but when I leave him, he will call, and keep calling until I return. I love him to pieces, but gee he wears me out.

He still scoffs doodh ki bottle every 3 hours, but it doesn't seem to be holding his appetite. I think he could eat a steak. Will be checking with the doctor next week to see when he should start something other than milk. He is nowhere near sleeping through the night. Blessed Friday, Bob is on duty, and I am off to sleep the whole night through!

A big congratulations to Ula and Saul on the birth of their daughter and son, I am so relieved they are doing well.


Stephaniekb said...

Ooooh, he's so moist and meaty, to echo what an older lady said about Micah at about the same stage. Love the naked baby with grandma photo! He's gorgous, and sounds oh so advanced! He's gonna be eating you out of house and home soon!

Thanks for giving me a lot of Australian slang to go google!

Mandy said...

He is a heart so cute. glad you got a handle on things, even more so when u get alcatraz!! we looked for one for our godson, they look GREAT!

enjoy your night off!

Intended Parents said...

He's a cutie pie! Can't wait to see his mullet grow out.

Toronto couple said...

Megan, thank you.

It's heard to belive how fast your little boy is growing. He looks very healthy and cute. Boy, you must be so proud and happy.
Love to you, Bob and your beautiful baby boy.

Ula and Saul