Sunday, October 31, 2010

He rolls!

Got so excited today - there was much clapping of hands. Toby did his first-ever roll over, from tummy to back. Had to nudge him the first time, then he got the hang of it and did all by himself with no help from mummy or daddy. Here are some more pics, cause he is cute and we love him, and cause I just can't stop taking photos of him!!!


Whatchoo lookin at?

Dribble ... going to frame this one.

How much is that baby in the mirror? Pic kinda didn't work, but he was gazing lovingly at himself before I pulled out the camera.


tjudle said...

Cuteness to the nth degree! :)

jojo said...

Beautiful baby boy. And now mobile - watch out!!


Stephaniekb said...

How did we both end up with blue-eyed half-indian boys????