Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Squealing, slugs and silly games

Sumo slug with atta-tood

My little slug : )) It was pants-optional day.

I was reading about child development from 4-6 months on the net this morning. Toby is heading for 4 months. I like to keep-up-to-date with what babies "should" be doing at this stage. I read babies start to squeal at around 4 months, and I kid you not, he let out two incredibly loud squeals today - first-time ever. I was so proud of him, it was like no baby had ever in the history of babies been so clever!

He is now grabbing his play gym hanging toys, and this morning discovered the rattle that is on one side. That was pretty noisy. After 20 minutes of rattle play he had squirmed 45 degrees and spent a further 10 minutes or so kicking the rattle with his feet.

Such a little thing is so big for a baby. He concentrates so hard and really tries to reach everything. Then he gets sick of it and goes all squawly, so I pick him up and we have some cuddles, a chat and lot of laughs. God I love him!!!!

Where did 4 months go? I am packing up clothes for Chai Baby in the hope she has at least one boy. Most of them are courtesy of the Tigerlilycats who gifted me a load of 00000 and 0000 which no longer fit the Toby-Monster. I wonder if there will be any wear left in them after the Chai babies have their turn. There is sure to be plenty of babies to pass them to.

The boys playing something horrible on PS3


The Heffernan's said...

Toby is just so gorgeous.

jojo said...

You're in heaven, Mummy.


Mandy said...

OMG, how cute is he!! Yo uare such a great mommy.

Keep up the great posts, i love it!

Kerrie and Mark said...

Ok, this Toby is TOOOO cute!!!