Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Does it get any cuter than this?

The Chai Babies gave Toby this outfit when he was born, a short 4 months or so ago. It looked HUGE. My little baby now fits it perfectly. I am about to clear out his 000 outfits - some worn once only - and send them south for the Chai Twins. Yep, they grow so quick!

Things are humming along nicely. Toby is good, I am good, Bob is good. The dog, not so good, she is malting all over the house and I can't stand the mess, so she is banished for most of the day, outside.

Today was a lovely rainy day, so few rainy days here in Perth. Bob "worked from home" and I slept in til 1.40pm. Luxury, pure luxury!

The house is coming along. I now have two rooms to paint, and once I have done them, we get the use of them, can clear out the shed, and I can set up my sewing machine and get creative. Whoot! Costumes for all! Let me crack open those boxes of fabrics, sequins, beading, and all things shiny.

Oh, and it was my birthday last Thursday. Bob gave me a hard back book on the history of Australian crime (yeah, I'm into things like that : ), my parents gave me face moisturiser - the stuff used by "older" people, my father-in-law bought me flowers (ex-wife of Bob's never got flowers from FIL in 12 years .. ha ha, I rock), Aunty Sally gave me chocolates and a gift card for a manicure, and Bob's mum gave me my favourite rose-scented hand cream - and a box of vanilla Opti-fast milkshake sachets. Long story, we won't go there.

I bought myself make-up for the first time in years, a pair of new shoes, had my hair cut and coloured back to my natural blonde - and put myself on a strict diet. Have to shift that pregnancy weight sometime : ) I also decided to turn 34. I have officially cut 10 years off my age. Why? Because if I am 44 I feel too old to have another baby or two. If I am 34, I can wait a couple of years before trying again.

It's bizarre this number thing. We spend all our childhoods waiting to get older. We are six-and-a-half, ten-and-three-quarters, almost 14. Hit 40 and you want to turn the clock back. My decline in age is purely a psychological technique designed to support me in my pursuit of more babies. Odd. I know. it makes little sense. I would never tell a 44-year-old woman she was too old for babies. I would never say that to a 50-year-old woman, but for me, I have this silly self-chatter that says, " Too old, don't deserve". Turning 34 has shut that voice off, and yes, we are greedy, we will try again. When? Not before March 2011.

Is it wrong to want another one when we are so blessed to have Toby, our miracle babe?

So, happy 34th birthday to me, and everyone else feeling over-the-hill.


Anonymous said...

Happy 34th Meg! I can totally relate! What a great entry!! Love the pics! Toby is so handsome! K from BCN PS. I too need to lose some er, uhm ¨pregnancy weight¨! You really would think I gave birth to our baby.

Delhi Dreamers said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MEG!!!! That Toby gets cuter by the day!!!

The Heffernan's said...

Toby just gets cuter every photo you post. Age is only a number and you can never be too old for another baby. All those years of waiting and wanting count for something!
Love the birthday gifts.

coco said...

amani hi and happy birthday. gee, here you are in perth and here i am in nyc and we have so much in common. i ask myself that same question... is it wrong for me to want another baby when i already have a precious (and i do mean precious) little girl already, whom even though she's 5 years old i can't stop kissing her.... other fact in common, i am definitely without a doubt 10 years younger than my earth age, so much so i actually forget my earth age at times. toby is growing so nicely and will definitely be a heart breaker. i can't believe it's 4 months already. glad to hear you are all okay. i have to post soon but i am in a really weird place right now and my thoughts are scrambled. in the meantime, i am worried about saul and ula. they've basically only posted once since they arrived in india to meet their newborns thomas and maya. hope and pray everything is okay. if you know anything please let us know. peace. coco

Tigerlilycat said...

LOL!! We can work on shifting our pregnancy weight together. And happy 34th bday.

jojo said...

Happy 34th, honey bun! Sorry I missed it...I'll blame it on mummy brain. :)

Toby is absolutely cracking and so are you. Here's to many more wonderful birthdays with your gorgeous, growing family.

ps let's skype soon


Tigerlilycat said...

Coco - I read a post from Ula and Saul on someones blog in the last few days and they're doing good. Bubs are still both in hospital, and it's been a month now. Weight gain is good but they're still tiny.

And it is not wrong at all for you to want another baby!!

Kerrie and Mark said...

Toby is just the bees knees...what a cutie!!
Umm..I wanna be 10 years younger and lose my pregnancy (IVF) weight too!!!!

Terry & Steve said...

Love, love, love the happy, smiley photos! Melts me to mush. Happy to catch up with your blog this morning