Saturday, November 27, 2010

Getting the crap off my blog

I want this blog to be about Toby, and Bob, Willo and me. Our family. We tried long and hard to have what we have now, and I don't want to have to defend myself, be political, answer defamatory accusations made by demented imbeciles elsewhere in blogland, nor pollute my pretty close to perfect world. At the same time, I refuse to be maligned by greedy and bitter mongrels with an agenda. I will always stand up for myself, my clinic and for my family against any lying bully.

I have set-up another blog.

This is where I will post anything that has nothing to do with our family. You will find it linked as "Internationalsurrogacyadvocatescrap" on my blog link. This blog is a free-for-all. It is unmoderated, if you want to be part of the problem, the lies, the fear and the innuendo, feel free to post, if you want to go to India and have babies, stay away, don't believe the bullshit and focus on you and creating your family.

At the end of the day, you are all looking for what we have now achieved, a baby through surrogacy in India. Our road was full of pain and disappointment, but our journey was nowhere near as hard as some have had. If you keep trying - it works! It is not always an easy journey, and you have to do your research, keep your eyes open, listen to the sensible people who have gone before you - the true veterans - and keep the hell away from tin-pot mom-and-pop agencies in USA who seek only to charge you more, and do nothing more than you can get directly from a clinic.

Back to reality: here is our Toby, at 5 months, our miracle baby, who is attempting to crawl. We thank God every single day for Toby, most days we can't believe we have him with us, and most days we just marvel that we were able to bring him into the world through SCI Healthcare and Dr Shivani and team. I know from the many parents I email with who have their babes through SCI and other clinics feel the same way. If you keep trying, it works!

Willo and Toby, who just whacked poor Will in the mouth as I took the pic. He doesn't hurt much, but he sure has control of his hands!


Mike and Mike said...

SOOOOO CUTE! lol. Glad to see you're sucking out the poison. You and Bob and Toby always have our support. How can you not? Toby is soooo CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Myleen makes me sick. She phoned me to warn me about Dr Shivani, and said the most horrible things. But I went to Dr Shivani based on her recommendation.

How can she do this? Promote her one minute then abuse her the next?

I was charged an extra $6500US by Myleen for her "services". I am so glad I enrolled directly with Dr Shivani. i saved $65000 and a whole lot of heartache.

I never really knew what this was all about, I was just shocked with Myleen's behaviour. Now I know. Lucky escape for us for being new and naieve.

I have had nothing but splendid communication, support and care from Dr Shivani and her time. Can't say the same about Myleen. From someone who has dealt with Myleen, I send a waring. don't do it!

Anonymous said...

Good move Meg. Please dont let them get you down for an instant. You genuinely care for others facing the battle of infertility. Its tough enough without the nasties fear mongering tactics. The accusations get more ridiculous by the minute.Specially for the likes of JON he needs a REHAB for BULLIES
Sheesh what a piece of work

Anonymous said...

QUOTE Please use your judgement if you have any left. You can't harass people and think you can get away with it. QUOTE
Listen to yourself JOHN, the person who started this harassment is you and yours and the whole worldwide community is watching.
Kudos to you Amani and love to Tobester

jojo said...

what an absolute stunner! stunner, i say!

stay in heaven, am, where you belong. it's where all the fairy god-mothers live. :)


Jeff and Kevin said...

Happy to get an update on your beautiful boy! Your family is inspiring to all of us. Cheers!