Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ahhh, that feels better - a new blog

I have removed my last few posts about the schtick we get in Australia about commercial surrogacy. I have made a new blog. I want to keep this blog as Toby's blog, and from now on, all you will see on this blog is Toby updates.

I have a new blog where I will make any comment I like about anything to do with surrogacy. I need to keep separate my new life as a mum from my anger at the rubbish that is thrown from time to time, by the media, or by politicians, about the badness of doing surrogacy in India, or even in USA!

You will find this blog on my blog list - There I will continue to challenge those who are in positions of power - media, and politicians - who have so much ability to influence, and to actually change laws, without knowing anything about surrogacy, or even bothering to do any research about the facts, than little old me banging on politically from time-to-time will ever have.

What you choose to read is up to you. No matter what clinic you go with, in any country, just never give up.

Meg xxx


Stephaniekb said...

I love the background -- where did you find it?

J and A said...

You go, uncaped crusader!