Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year, birth, life and death ....

Found out where the posts went. Bob went to do something on the blog and inadvertently deleted the last few posts. So no hacking of blog as I assumed. Mystery solved. Without further ado, here is the Tobester. I took these pics 2 weeks ago, he is such a big boy. My lovely peeps from UK, N and C sent us this outfit and a gorgeous baby book, and delicious chocolate when Mr T was born. It seemed forever that he would fit this gorgeous little ensemble, now here he is.

How did my itty bitty baby get so big?

Toby turned six-months on Dec 29. No half-birthday cake from mummy, just shock so much has happened in such a small space of time. I know we all lament the passing of our newborns into bigger babies, then to toddlers, then to little boys and girls. I really don't want to shrink him, he is perfect in every single way, but heck he's BIG!

So six months means a new round of immunizations. That will be done. He will cry, I will cry, we will get over it, then I will realize suddenly he is sitting, crawling, then walking .... and the rest of it. Let me not get too far into the future, I am savoring every precious second of the present. The thing with kids is, once you have them, you have to slow down. Life changes in the most amazing ways. If you want to keep your fast-paced life, you can't. If you think you can, you are in for a rude shock. And that shock is so delightful because you find yourself with the most incredible little wonder, and why would you want to live fast? Bob and I never lived "fast" anyway, we never had any exciting life, we just worked and built the house and got over the past and did really really good!. We are both "A-Type"personalities. A-type be gone. It has to be gone. We have a baby who demands attention.

I wish I could tell you it was perfect with all the bells and whistles, and Santa coming down the firepace. LMAO, far from that!!! Not much to tell about our Christmas. It was just me and Bob, Willo and Toby. Toby didn't appreciate the mountain of presents under the tree, all for him (books); Willo and Bob spent a week playing Need for Speed, and I worked and missed my family and cried a lot. I even cried because the lamb roast looked like an actual lamb's leg and I like to pretend my food comes from the supermarket, not an animal. I think it is time to return back east to stay for good.

It was horrendously hot and we don't have the aircon in yet. I mean, HOT hot, so hot the house warms up after the sun goes down and you lie in front of the fan with wet towels on your body. Who can be bothered to eat hot food on Christmas Day in the Australian summer? Sill, we tried. Here is Will preparing lunch. Yes, that's a can of Mortein.

I was sick for four weeks with an ear infection and concurrent flu. Honestly,w ho gets the flu in summer? I was too busy to go to my ENT specialist or even our GP, so suffered through it without antibiotics, which I should have taken, and just a bit of panadol. My brother came over from Brisbane after Christmas for a few days and I got to sleep. Ah blessed, sleep, it is something that usually evades me, but which I really really need more of. Last year was the biggest of my life; having Toby, going back to work, and owner building a huge home extension project. It has taken its toll, and the body will tell when enough is enough and drop you to the floor.

Big baby with his Whinnie the Poo and Tigger PJs from Grandma

Our family doggie died. Little Kimmie is my dad's dog, and our family dog. She was 15 years of age; this is a good long innings for a cattle dog. A body wears out, despite the best of treatment. Little Kimmie has been on the brink death since Toby was born on my dad's birthday June 29. She hung on for six months, she went far past her years. Dad will finally get to meet Toby; he was ill for a good part of 2009, recovering from two major surgeries in 2010 and couldn't leave Kim. Mum and dad will be over in the next month once they have packed up the family home and moved.

Our family home is being packed up and mum and dad are moving to their house on Stradbroke Island. The family house is being rented out. Mum and dad have lived there for 35 years, they built it back when I was 9. There have been a lot of tears as 35 years of history and memorabilia are cleared out of the cupboards and either packed up to go to Stradbroke, or sent to the tip. Come the end of January I will no longer be able to go "home". There will be strangers living in "our" home. I don't like the thought of that at all, and I grieve for the past, and fear for what the next phase of our lives will hold.

I won't be able to show Toby the "big bed" ... it has been sawn up and dumped at the tip. Ah, the "big bed" the king size bed that saw 20 years of family lie-ins, cups of tea in bed, cuddles, love and tears. It was the bed I ran to when I had nightmares, creeping along the passage to my parents room, after a night fright, standing at the door tentatively calling, "mum". The bed I always made a beeline for as soon as I returned home from wherever my life had taken me. The bed I spent months lying in recovering from a chronic illness in my 20s. There is nothing like the safety and secutriy of mummy and daddy's bed.

Life moves on and I resist the inevitable changes that come with moving into new phases of life. We have our own "big bed" tradition which is where Bob and Toby are now slobbed out, Toby hugging his purple bear. I hope our home and our big bed will provide the sense of security, constancy and love our family have all enjoyed thanks to my wonderful parents.

Toby in the big bed, took the pic a few minutes ago. He is looking like a little boy now, not a baby ....

A bottle AND a sippy cup.

Toby is great as usual. He has mastered flipping from his back to this tummy. he struggled with this for a week as there is always one arm stuck under the body, so he learned that grabbing a pillow, or mummy's hair helped him get over. Now he rolls by himself and you him in one position and come back and there he is on his tummy.

Crawling isn't progressing much, that is crawling on his front. On his back he is a master, he can shimmy on his back from the bottom to the top of the bed. On his belly he just gets frustrated because we keep his toys just out of reach and encourage gim to learn to move. Are we mad???!! Who would actually encourage mobility ...

He is eating three meals a day, and has his normal number of bottles, but he's dropped the night feeds, so we now have a blissful 7-8pm til 5-6am with him not waking. Occasionally he wakes at 2-3am and thinks it's time to play, but a bottle usually fixes that. he now drinks from a sippy cup, and he helps me feed him, usually by grabbing the spoon or bowl and tipping food all over himself.

Toby is such a lovely baby, he is very happy, giggly, he smiles all the time and he now holds his arms out to be picked up. he clings to my neck with one arm, and he giggles his head off when he gets tummy kisses. He calls out a lot, and is a real chatterer. We have been blessed with a really easy baby, albeit noisy : )

Til next time ....


Stephaniekb said...

So glad to see a nice long update, and the gorgous new pix of your little man. He is a real looker, you'll have your hands full when he's older! Sounds like he and Micah are very similar in temperment, though physically he's way ahead of where Micah was at that age. Hope you're taking advantage of the sleeping through the night phase to catch up on yours! You have to remember the "airplane oxygen mask" rule -- you need to take care of your own basic needs before you can help anyone else! Kisses to the tobster!

Kerrie and Mark said...

Finally I get to see this post!! Sorry to hear about your loss, and also that you were so sick. everyone around me is sick, I was sick too. It just sucks!!! Toby looks amazing as always. He is getting to be such a big boy now. I keep seeing your heat on the news. We are at -9 Celcius..come over and cool off.