Thursday, February 3, 2011

Toby and Mummy photo shoot and videos

Unlike the Vishwas boys and girls, we didn't get a photographer in to take pics, though that is a bloody good idea and one we may well follow up on. Here is me and toby using the Photobooth program on the Mac. It even takes videos.

My determined little boy is getting bigger and stronger and more demanding and every single day.

Some Toby facts:

He is master of the jolly jumper and has two 40 minutes sessions in it per day

He is a cheeky little devil and has started to demand attention, usually by a long protracted low level moaning, which doesn't stop until you give him what he wants; more recently he has ramped up the volume and actually screams- loudly.

He is an excellent eater, and a carnivore. He loves his boiled and minced chicken, beef and lamb. He is not getting sausages no matter how much he reaches for them.

He adores egg - mmm, scrambled egg.

He is desperately trying to crawl but getting nowhere. He lies on his tummy and his arms and legs flail about, but the body doesn't move.

He is quite dexterous with both hands and feet. An empty bottle is usually put in between his feet, and juggled like one of those Chinese plate-spinning acrobats.

He throws toys out of his cot, off the bed, out of his rocker and his bouncer. Cause he can.

His favourite toy is mummy's hair, I wake in the night to the little monster grabbing fistfuls of hair with both hands, detangle myself, turn him over and say, "Look, daddy has hair too".

Nothing knocks him out quckier than a bottle of milk and his parents' bed.


Anonymous said...

Very Cute.

A great Perth Photographer is

Kerrie and Mark said...

Lovely pics and video! You BOTH look great!

Mike and Mike said...

Too Cute...but beware the has a gravitational pull with little ones more powerful than the sun! We can't even open one up with the girls in the room or we get mobbed.

Edward said...

great update and photos. Yes, Paul wins the good idea of the month contest!

Stephaniekb said...

He is really delicious, and you can see from the photos how determined he is!

peter.brad said...

Hi Megan,
Toby is growing so much. What a gorgeous video of the two of you. What flavour is the mouse? Peter and Brad

Toban M said...

Awww so cute, I laughed out loud. Such big blue eyes! You are very pretty Meg and nice voice for radio as well!

jojo said...

gorgeous! who needs a professional photographer when you're both so naturally beautiful.


Oddity Acres Clan said...

You both look fabulous my dear. Bubs has grown heaps!!

Much love.

J and D said...

Love the photos. So glad you are having such a blast being a mom.

Anonymous said...


Amani (Meg) said...

And a big fat moo to you, you immature poo. Too funny.