Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our bubble is mobile!

Before I present some Toby Goodness, don't forget to watch Insight on SBS, Tuesday 22nd March featuring Dr Shivani, Sam from Sam and Phil's Blog, and the dreadful Linda Burney who proposed the amendment to the NSW Surrogacy Bill, 2010 making it illegal for anyone from NSW to go overseas for commercial surrogacy.

The show is uploaded to the SBS site, so hopefully our international friends can see it online. It should be very interesting given this is the first time Linda Burney will hear a few facts about surrogacy abroad. keep in mind, the amendment was passed by both houses of parliament in less than 48 hours, with no research being done, no community consultation, no due process as we expect from our Australian politicians, and those that voted for it didn't actually know what they were voting for.

News from home: our baby is crawling! He is into anything and everything and we often find him beaming up at our feet with his toothless grin. Check out his action.

Bob spent the weekend Toby-proofing the house. We now have plastic plugs in all power points, furniture rearranged at odd angles with tall items like camera tripod and the Guitar Hero guitar out of reach. Forget home decor when you have a crawler. Sadly for Toby, it's time for the cot. He can no longer be left immobile in the middle of our King bed. The house has been swept clear of Toby un-friendly items and we're going to let him go free range in various places in the house.

Tobes is 9 months at the end of this week. He is thriving, healthy, happy and developing quite a willful personality. When he's awake, it's action all stations every second. So much to do, so little time. He isn't much of a cuddler, and despises being held like a baby, but he does cuddle up with mummy and daddy when he is tired. Here is a snippet of what we go through to feed him.

Toby is a talkative baby, I'm pretty sure he knows who "Ah-da " is (Bob) as he looks for Bob and calls him, but doesn't do that with anyone else now. He wakes at 4am every morning and babbles on in his baby gibberish, flipping over from his back to front, kicks us both and pulls our hair. His sweet little voice is so endearing, but it is getting louder as he grows, combined with block banging and his favourite game - "bash the remote on the hardwood floors", it gets pretty noisy around here.

We've swapped the baby bath for the laundry tub. We have a deep spa bath which requires getting on one's knees and leaning over a very deep bath. The laundry tub is much more fun (and less strenuous for mum and dad).

I finally did it, we have a nanny. Her name is Alicia and she is super nanny. Alicia comes five morning per week from 9am-1pm. My work is more than full-time and little Mr Crawler gives me not a moment's peace. Alicia is intent on sleep training Toby into his cot. It is hard to hear your bubble complain loudly and wriggle and kick and defy all attempts to get him to sleep, but Alicia is patient and she gets him in there eventually.

I am feeling a bit of working mother's guilt, even though i work from home and am right near Toby at all times, i miss him so much and am happy to take over the afternoon shift. We are a much happier and more settled family now we have help, and bob doesn't come home from work to a strung out baby, or wife who used to hit the computer as soon as he walked in the door.

We're finally getting organised and into a bit of a routine. Funny how work time and play time and quiet time are much more productive, effective and enjoyable when you aren't constantly multi-tasking or dead tired.


Tigerlilycat said...

That is one mean breastroke crawling action - enrol Tobster into swimming lessons asap! And hi Alicia. Have fun trying to get Meg to work while you're in charge of the baby.

paula said...

Now you are in trouble... he will be into everything! He can sure move with that cat had better run and hide!

Lawrence said...

I liked the way you got Toby to eat that spoonful of food when he was squealing/wasn't looking :-)

tjudle said...

What a handsome bloke! He looks so much like his daddy, but has your stubborn charm. ;)

Kerrie and Mark said...

Love all the video clips. He is just too cute, what a smile!

Edward said...

LOVE all the videos. He certainly looks to do a good job of sweeping the floors the way he wiggles around!
Can't yet see the clip of the show but hopefully it'll be available soon. Hope your nations laws take a new look at the issues. Advocacy leads to change!!!!

Mandy said...

Oh the Tobster! Looking good all the time!! Glad to hear all is well :)