Sunday, March 13, 2011

Australian Families Through Gestational Surrogacy

This is a community service announcement on behalf of

Australian Families Through Gestational Surrogacy

Their mission statement is:

Supporting and progressing the rights, social and legal status of Australians using and planning to use surrogacy overseas and within Australia, through education, research, support and advocacy. Please visit

The organisation aims to:

- To progress the rights, social and legal status of Australians using surrogacy overseas and within Australia

- To improve understanding within the Australian community of why families access surrogacy and the measures in place to
protect all parties.

- To provide and encourage social forums for Australians using surrogacy and their children

- To provide an information and support network for prospective and existing Australians considering or using surrogacy

- To provide a central repository and access point for international research in relation to surrogates, commissioning parents
and children

AFTGS is an incorporated not-for-profit association registered with Consumer Affairs in Victoria, Australia. Its position holders are voluntary, and the association is not affiliated with any clinic, anywhere in the world.

Annual membership is $50 which allows members, through the full site, to access

· the latest changes to legislation, immigration and other processes at home and abroad

· objective independent data on surrogacy agencies, risks, outcomes for surrogates and pitfalls

· the latest ‘how-to’ guides in regard to international surrogacy arrangements

· take part in research

· access heaps of research on surrogates, outcomes for children and intending parents

Please join and support the people working to educate the wider community and make surrogacy services more accessible for Australians.

Bloggers: wherever you are, can you please support AFTGS by adding to your blog lists.

(Disclaimer: I am a member only and hold no position nor influence due to my affiliation with SCi Healthcare)

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