Wednesday, April 6, 2011

9 months and a toof

Well, not so much a toof, but a small raised bump and a slither of white. Bob and Alicia are sure it's there, I've yet to stick my finger in his mouth.

So busy, so much work, so little time, and lots of baby.

Toby is super mobile now and very fast. He hasn't managed to get onto his actual knees, he only uses one knee and grabs the floor and pushes off with his feet. His knees get filthy, as for the front of his clothes, thank God for washing machines. Now mummy has joined in the fun and we play crawlies all over the lounge and dining room floor.

Toby's new loves:

Alicia. Oh you should see the little traitor after a weekend without his new best friend, his eyes just light up when he sees her on a Monday. Alicia, Alicia, Alicia.

kissing: big open-mouth wet sloppy ones

cats: he is a stalker, the kitties are not amused

banging - anything that makes a loud noise on the wooden floors

singing: the boy sings, h is actually joining in with lullaby times, the loud screechie noises are too funny

cuddles: he was never much of a cuddler, but recently has been hugging and nestling into us, God it's gorgeous!

spitting: a-frrrrt - with a droolie mouth, usually full of food. Alicia, armed with a wet facecloth and a stern "no" is training him out of it : )

cords: anything that look even remotely cord like and dangerous he's into. We have had to move lamps, fans, computer bits and pieces out of his way

cat food: num num, he helped himself to dry bits, should have seen the look on his face - definitely not a love

cat door - the cats don't use it, but Toby seriously thinks he can squeeze through that tiny space

paper - a ripping good time, caught him with the phone directory a few times, also computer paper, photo paper, anything he can reach on my desk

embarrassing mum and dad at Rhyme Time - all the little babies and toddlers sit nicely on their parents' laps and join in the fun. Toby? He circles the room on his tummy, grabbing everyone's song sheets trying to rip them to shreds. He grabbed a baby's bib and pulled her face down onto the mat, he bit another baby's feet, and crawled up Archie's mum and grabbed her hair.

It must be time for another baby : )

Til next time ... some Toby goodness

My perfect baby : ))

You're not a cat, but you'll do

Have play gym, will stand

You are getting sleepy ...

My little thug

Crazy baby in a bouncer. If you look closely you'll see a raised bit of gum on the bottom to the right of the pic, that's his "toof", and that's as close as I'm getting, lest he take my finger off.


Edward said...

major cuteness! 9 did that happen so fast? Imagine, if you had started with baby #2 when Toby was born, you'd just might have another little cuddler right now!!! Get on it! xoxo

Stephaniekb said...

Oh my, he's gorgous. Those eyes! Watch out ladies!

Adam and Michael said...

LOVE the pics, Toby is so unbelievably cute and handsome!!!!!!

Mandy said...

So handsome!! Love the pics and updates as always!!

Kerry said...

How fast they grow!! He has the most gorgeous blue eyes..... so photogenic....looks right into the lense of the camera!!

George said...

he is so damn cute :)