Saturday, May 28, 2011

four teeth and some 'tude

We are so proud, our little man has four teeth. The two top came through first, and this morning, the two bottom front. It's incredible how we get so excited about teeth coming through, we are so proud of Toby, not that he's done anything, just sprouted some fangs, and been horrendously miserable while doing it.

How did I get that last shot? Pure fluke, Tobo was lying back on his dad's lap and mum, ever-ready with the camera, snapped the pic, no skill involved. Well that tooth is 3-4mm down, the one next to it 1mm and the bottom two - slithers of white.

This is my life now, by biggest excitement is seeing my child sprout teeth!

11 months
Tobo is 11 months old today. How they heck did he get so old? And so big? Life seems so out of whack. It seems like yesyterday he was born. When you go through IVF and waiting for your cycle to start, then for your donor to start stims, then for your egg collection result, then your beta test, then your sac scan, and your fetal pole/heartbeat scan, etc etc life is on major go-slow. The people who get pregnant before you seem so far ahead, you're sure their kids will be in high school before your babe starts kindergarten. Those who get pregnant after you seem so far behind. In reality, fast forward 11 months, and there is not a whole lot difference in the ages of all the kids in the Indian surrogacy community.

Wow, how did that happen?!!!

I went through my pics files of the Tobester. Here's a little look back from June 2010 til now.

Here is one of the first photos of Toby an hour or so after his birth. Wow, what a blast from the past!!!

Tobo - 3 hours old in daddy's arms. My what fat cheeks and a big nose you have!

A tiny slip of a thing having his first mummy and daddy bath at Lotus Apartments in Delhi at 3 days old. I remember how scared I was bathing him, he was so tiny and slippery!

One week old in mummy's arms. Aunty Kara bought that outfit for you, a 00000, so big on you! Now Aunty Kara has twins at home, but back then she was just trying. Dreams do come true!

Three months old, in Nanny's arms. And I thought he was big then!

Toby eating - 5 months

Tobo talking - 8 months.

CHECK OUT THE 'TUDE. Our bubble ... the spikey terror, last week at almost 11 months.

Our little baby is now becoming a little boy. He is bold, confident, always on the go, and into everything. When he teethes he is cantankerous, miserable, clingy and quite awful. He scurries about the floors, and crawls onto everything he can, usually up my leg. he has already bashed through the baby gate into the kitchen and pulled it down on top of him. he is now tall enough to pull things off high places, as evidenced by the latest bruise on his forehead, in a matter of seconds I put the camera on the kitchen bench and he pulled it down and clonked himself on the head.


Tobo's greatest love is checking out Lucy. He has his own sound to call her. When he sees her his eyes light up and he is there!. He plays with her collar, mainly the name tag, but has recently discovered the shiny coloured faux diamonds on her collar. He has started to "pat" Lucy. His fat little hands go bang bang bang on her head, and we say "gentle". hey, this kid doesn't know what "no" means, so gentle is something he does not understand. But in his own way, he knows he can't donk the cat on her head or she will run away.

Lucy is my 12 year-old kitty who came into my life well before Bob and Toby were in my imagination, much less my husband and son. She was a rescue kitty who was found in a box at the side of a country road out of Brisbane, the only kitty alive in a box of not live siblings. I adopted Lucy at four weeks of age. She spent the first three days of her life hiding under my coffee table, and the next three months of her life sitting on my shoulder. Fast forward 12 years, and she is still the most beautiful little fur girl in the world.

Now she has to cope with the Tobo. She truly is an angel wrapped in fur.


Doug R said...

Meg, you are so supportive and thank you for following and posting, and giving advice to everyone as they take this journey. Toby is such a cutey-pie! Here's to teeth!!!

Kerrie and Mark said...

11 months old..where did the time go? Your words about the waiting and always feeling behind are bang on. Toby is such an adorable little boy. I love it that he loves Lucy! We have two cats so I wonder how ours will react?

Jimmy said...

Exactly, Kerrie and Mark.. Time flies faster than we anticipate. Toby is very lovely, though. :) I hope everything is okay. Good luck!

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