Thursday, May 5, 2011

The places we find Toby

This post is dedicated to our little traveller. He is a super crawler, is crawling properly on carpet and grass, but the wood floors are too slippery and his knees slide apart, so he is still doing the grab and drag crab crawl. We had no option but to let him be a free-range kid. Toby hates confinement and screams at any attempt to fence him off from the world. He still has his Alcatraz - essential for any parent - it's a place to shove him when you need to go to the loo, have a shower or do something without a baby attached to your ankles. He hates Alcatraz, of course, he would like to crawl down the street if we let him, and while it's important to let him explore, ... the kid is quick, and it's only going to get worse when he is actually walking - which is not too far off. Perish the thought of twins.

Toby's midden. Finally he can reach all the good TV and computer things mum and dad get to use all the time. We are doing a furniture reshuffle so everything is locked behind childproofed drawers and doors.

The look of pure joy on my baby's face - I can reach the things of great goodness!

Busted, in the bottom of the pantry in mummy's old dance costumes bag. Yes, that is a sequined bra in his hand.

Toby in the oven! He has discovered his reflection in the glass oven door. Much time is spent tap tap tapping the door with his toys. He can also see mummy in the oven, and is a bit confused when he turns around and there is mummy, she's not in the oven at all!

This pair cannot be trusted, especially not in the kitchen together, hence the reason the baby gate is being installed as I type.

Little boys and their love of vacuum cleaners. Maybe it rubbed off from Alex and Taj, whose clothes he is wearing. I doubt he will show any interest in this fun machine once he is old enough to actually turn the thing on and clean his bedroom.

Stuck under a drawer. He was actually yawling and we laughed so hard ... not at you baby boy, with you.

A mickey mouse romper and hat with ears - too hard for this mum to resist.

The full ensemble ... you think he'd sit still for the photo? No way, too many good things on the benchtop to explore.

Life is good, but busy. I am working more than full-time hours, and the house renovations have, again, come to a standstill. It is a major job to get up the motivation to even phone a tradie, much less chase them up for the promised quote.

We had a guy come out and quote on paving, reticulation, lawns, retaining walls for garden beds - and were told we wouldn't have much change out of $30,000. $30,000!!! That is a whole surrogacy!!!! And that doesn't include the $5000 remote control gate I covet, much less the new fence or any repair of the old fence. One guy came out a few weeks ago, and promised the quote the week before Easter. No contact. Not from him, or the guy who promised his quote two weeks earlier! I figure if they can't be bothered to follow up with a quote, they can't be bothered to show up to do the job. So now I have to go through the whole process again, ringing round, making times for tradies, most of whom don't show up, and if they do, they then don't bother to send the quote. Arghhhhhh!!!!

We have made some progress - we have a shed. Oh yes, a shed. And the shed is being filled with all the stuff being stored in the fourth bedroom (old kitchen). Bob did a big clear out of his "boxes du crap". Despite me forcing him to do a big clear out of said crap when we moved here five years ago, and again when we moved his rubbish out of the old garage and into the actual house, he still had so much to get rid of ... This is my husband, the most organised, disciplined freak in the world - he had kept bank statements from 1990; not one, but TWO notices of license disqualifications for speeding from when he was 20; and - cop this - his wedding certificate from 1992.

Now it's my turn to clear out my boxed du crap. But my crap is useful! I have dozens of boxes from my old dance days; my old costumes, fabric, beading, sequins, and the treasure-chest of shiny things I could definitely use if I had time to make glitzy fairy dresses and Arabian Princess costumes for little girls. (Mote to self, I WILL find a place, somewhere, so i can keep it all).

Once the fourth bedroom is cleared we can "attempt to" get quotes for floor repair, and built in wardrobe installation .... and floor polishing in the old part of the house ... arghhhhhhh!!!

Other news:

We go to Brisvegas around 25th June for Toby's 1st birthday and his Grandpa's 75th birthday. I am looking forward to getting out of Perth, but need to pick up a secondhand laptop so I can continue to work. My job is never-ending, none of us get sick days or holidays, but I love my job so much, especially the joy I see when people get pregnant, and finally have their babies.

Congratulations to SCI and all the parents who are now pregnant, it was a glorious month with a pregnancy success rate of over 90%. Wish all months were like that ...

Congratulations to K and B (Australia) on the birth of your daughter and son; P and J (Australia) on the safe arrival of Anastasia and Harrison (I told you so!!!) - bring on number three!; M and K (USA) and your lovely boy; G and P (Sweden) and your beautiful baby son; A and C (USA) and your darling baby boy ... sorry I told you to go get some sleep when you were 2cm dilated as nothing would happen for ages, advice you took and baby came within the hour. Oops. Nothing like waking to the news you are a mom and dad, with pictures to show for it! I am so blessed to be part of the excitement of the births f these amazing babies.

Finally: here is our super nanny, Alicia. We adore her, she is just the best! SHE dressed him in pink, not me (though I did enjoy it : ))) She thinks she is going to work in the mines and that we will give her a reference. Hah, as if! I am sure I caught her smoking pot in the nursery, she'll never pass a drug test in the mines!!! We don't want her to leave us!!!!!

Cross-dressing starts early in our household. Oh, let me bust out those sequins! Eddie, you up for a Glee-cossie to wear on your interview with Fox News?


Kerrie and Mark said...

My goodness you are busy! I could just eat Toby as he is so cute! And what is up with these Aussie boys and their vacuums?
You should try to sell all the boxes de crap on Craigslist or ebay, why not make a few bucks from it all.

The Heffernan's said...

I loved this post. It made me laugh. I note the comments on the twins! Yikes for us with 3 under 9 mths. I will be using the play pens for sure.

Edward said...

How is it possible your little man is almost a year!?!?! He's looking as handsome as ever and striking in Pink! :-) Look out Fox!

Stephaniekb said...

Geat update, Toby is so big and delicious! Sounds like a lot of fun in your house these days!

Oddity Acres Clan said...

Almost a year old!! My gosh, I remember when you first contacted me via email all those years ago.

xooxo Blessings to you all