Saturday, May 21, 2011

When life does not go according to plan

We have a tooth!

We have tooth that can be seen and felt and photographed. This tooth has been a long time coming. We had loads of false alarms with teefies, from three months til now.

We are so proud to present a pic of Toby's very first tooth to erupt from his gums - top left - sharp and shiny!

Impressed? We are. But geez, this pic was taken 3 days ago, now the one to the right on the top is erupting, and this morning, the bottom two at front are through! When they come, they come. Poor Tobo has been a complete misery guts for at least a week. His little fat cheeks turn red, his face swells, and despite giving him panadol, sometimes he just needs Ah-mah, or Ah-dah!

Yes, he talks!

Tobo is full of bubbly bibbly boo-boo language, as any bubble of 10.5months does. But recently, he has actually been saying "Ah-muh! (mummy) and Ah-dahhh" (daddy). These are his first words. We understand his baby language.

Tobo is communicating very well, and very loudly in many ways. He has a lovely head thrashing movement from side to side that says, "No, no no no no!" he thinks it's pretty funny doing this, as he laughs is head off telling mum and dad no.

Other things

Today I painted the back bedroom. This was the old kitchen, and it has been used as a storage room for a long time. We got a new shed a month ago and put most of our house crap in that, but the rest was sitting in the back room, that is Willo's' room. Today I painted that room, first coat only. Will and I had decided on yellow. OMG!!! we now have a Spongebob Squarepants yellow in the back room!!! Seriously, it is horrendous. But it's only one coat. If we all hate it tomorrow as I am sure we will, we can tone it down ... more painting ... arghhhhhh!


Anonymous said...

We have an upper tooth on the way as well but not as pronounced as Toby´s. Acidic poo-poo, bright red bumm, and crying!!!! Hope The Tooth makes its big debut in the next few days but then there is another to come, err, uhmm! Hugs! K from bcn.

PS. Excellent photo, by the way! How did you manage to get his mouth open and take the shot?!!!

Kerrie and Mark said...

Yay a tooth! Now just 20 or so more to go!

Ray & Dawn said...

Poor little guy...that can't be fun! But, hopefully, it is a blessing in disguise that so many cam in once....he won't have to endure the long drawn out discomfort! Toby just keeps getting cuter all the time!!!