Saturday, June 4, 2011

Surro family - need your help!!!

Hi all

I did a midnight flit to the east coast of Australia because I missed my parents, have been ill for months, got sick of living in the crap house of never-ending renovation, dirt, dust and filth, and the flight was cheap! I've come home for some mummy/daddy love and care.

I am in Brisvegas!! Whoot!!!

Toby and I are staying with my mum and dad at my brother's house in West End. Poor Bob is stuck in Perth looking after the furry children and tackling the job of finishing off the house. I was offline til last Wednesday - but I now have internet connection and laptop.

I have a lot of email addies, but some are on my home computer back in Perth.

Can the following people email me at so I can store your email addies on this computer.

Vishwas Boys and Girls
Kerrie, M and Alan
Kim of the gazillion babies
Hugh and Aria's parents
Allton-Nee Boys
Christmas Eve Boys
Megan G
Tanya B
Peter and Brad

The rest I probably have as you have emailed me recently. But anyone who emails me, and anyone who reads, hey drop me a line.

Gotta run, baby is destroying my brother's house. His latest trick is to gain attention by dropping all his toys off the lounge so you pick them up - again, and again, and again!

Brisvegas people - I would love to catch up. Drop me a line!!!

Meg xxx


Anonymous said...

You're crazy. Did you ever think of checking the SENT folder in your email account. I have always admired your blog but sometimes I read these bizarre postings which make me wonder about your state of mind. Take care of yourself.

I am not signing my name because I am sending you this message as a friend who would like to still remain a friend.

Anonymous said...

call your shrink now!

Mandy - email said...

Enjoy your stay at ur mum's!! Getting away from reno is well derserved.

Amani (Meg) said...

Dear AnonyMooses, you don't affect me one little bit with your silly comments. But I publish them here because others who have started the blogging process, may be affected by the gutless ones who post such silly things and get upset.

Let me tell you this: I am as Smug as a Bug in Rug, with my family. I have survived surrogacy in India. It is never an easy process. But hey, here I am trying help people, three years after my surrogacy journey started - and what are you doing? Getting your jollies off by posting anonymous crap to a blog.

Friends don't send anonymous comments to a blog, they email or phone.

Sad, very sad. I extend my pity to you. And now I will go back to enjoying my life : )))