Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Toby's birthday pics

We're back home after five weeks in Brisbane. Bob joined us for the last two weeks. The flight home was torturous as wriggle-bum slept for ten minutes at the most and wanted to explore everything, including the contents of the service trolley each time it passed. At one point he was down on the floor trying to liberate the life jackets.

My niece Militza, who was 15 last March, met her only cousin on our side of the family for the first time. It was love at first sight.

Nanny - at 74 she's too young to be called Grandma - and her only grandchildren. You can see who the spoilt one is.

Mummy and Prince Toby and the cake.

The cake
Militza and I decided it wasn't worth making the cake from scratch as we had to buy $12 worth of cheap cake tins from Coles, when for $12 we could buy three mud cakes. Yes, we cheated. The cake decorating was a lot of messy fun. Believe me that roll out icing sugar isn't easy to use. You roll is out to the size and thickness you want, then cut it to the shape you want and when you pull it off the bench it stretches. So, I present to you, our very messy cake ... ah, it did the job... at least we tried.

Close up of the cake

The room
We took two hours finding the place that sold the icing and decorations. It was a mad dash to get things done, with all hands on deck. 50 helium balloon, armsful of decorations, and no theme in mind, we did an okay job. Next year there will be more planning involved, and hopefully our own home to decorate. Thanks to Honorary Uncle Roland for letting us mess up his house!

And some pics I like


Edward said...

Your baby has turned into a little boy!!! He's just darling (but does have a look of mischief in his eyes!) Happy day Toby from your far away cousins!

Kerrie and Mark said...

Great b-day pics! Wow, 1 year old..where did the time go? Toby looks alot like Militza - similar eyes!

Saul and Ula said...

great pictures!
I love the cake as well!
that year sure went sooooo fast.

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures and your feelings put in a beautiful way