Friday, October 21, 2011

In the two week wait

We did well this cycle, 14 eggs, 12 mature, 10 fertilized, 10 grade one made it to day 3, 8 made it to day 4, and 4 made it to day 5. We had transfer of four blastocysts yesterday. The plan was to transfer only two, but two were poor quality, and not worth freezing. The reason we went to blastocyst is because we didn't want anything left over to freeze. If we get pregnant, we wouldn't emotionally be keen to thaw our embies, and would have to give them all a chance, meaning more children if successful. In the past month or so at SCI, 6/7 frozen embryo cycles with the embies cultured to blastocyst and given assisted laser hatching have given positive results. If it doesn't work, we will wait a few months and try again.

So now we wait.

Here is some recent Toby cuteness.

First professional photo shoot, 20 more pics still to see, bet I buy all of them.

At play group. I am getting some lovely artwork for my walls. Toby is very talented.

So cute in his smock. All boys should wear dresses.

At the park in his polo shirt and vollies.

Some Toby facts:

  • One week shy of 16 months and he still doesn't walk. He pushes his high chair, stroller, and his walker around, scuttles about the furniture and walls, hangs onto legs and walks with confidence, but try to get him to walk with you even holding one hand and he bends his knees then plonks on his bum and sits down.
  • He talks - a lot. He says "bu" (bus), "tr" (truck), "boh" (ball), mum, mummy, da da, ta ta (goodbye) and even hello. We only count words he repeats, or have context - eg. pointing at a truck and bus and ball when he says the word. Bugger the not walking, Toby is an intellect.
  • He is very friendly, perhaps too friendly. He eyeballs strangers and when they smile at him he waves and says ta ta. 
  • He encouraged the beggars in Delhi by waving and smiling at them.
  • He is very happy - he laughs and laughs and laughs.
  • He eats - a lot. He likes medium heat curry, smoked salmon, anchovies, olives, anything spicy or full of flavour, he eats pretty much anything - except paw paw (papaya).
  • He throws his food on the floor.
  • He feeds himself - with his hands, and shoves large pieces of food into his gob, then takes it out and gives it to mummy.
  • He was seven teeth through, and four more half through - big ones at the back - the bottom right next to the front tooth has gone awol.
  • He still sleeps with his mum and dad in their bed.
  • He gives big sloppy open-mouthed kisses.
  • He has discovered mummy's belly button and loves to stick his finger in it.
  • He has discovered boobs .. mmm ... boobies.
  • He climbs up the slides and down the ladders at the local park.
  • He's just getting into In the Night Garden ... Macka Packa.
  • He sings, not terribly well, but it makes him and his mummy happy.


Anonymous said...

Best wishes for successful outcome!!Karen

Toban M said...

Mmmm boobies lol. My favourite Toby fact! Oh Toby... :)

Anonymous said...

The 5-day blastocysts are really healthy and strong which is awesome so fingers crossed it all works out!! Sending you loads of baby dust. Meanwhile, HOW CUTE IS TOBY? Oh my, your little gentleman grows absolutely more adorable, handsome and sweeter by the day. I love the little red painting outfit - tooooo cute!! Much love to all of you and praying for a good result in 2 weeks. x Ayesha

Edward said...

Your little boy keeps getting cuter and cuter! AND he sings....we need a boy for our our all-girl band. (But I'm afraid he'd have to sing back up to my three-divas!) Best wishes for your cycle...I have a good feeling for you!!!! xo

Fredrik said...

We wish you a LOT of success. We would love a postive response in a couple of weeks.

George & T said...

Keeping Fingers and toes crossed!!!!!

Doug Rigg said...

Good luck, the photos are adorable!!! And yes, at one time in their life, all boys should wear dresses at least once!...and I love the fast fact about Toby -- boobies!! :-)

Mandy - email said...

SUPER TOBY looking good. All the best to you guys on this cycle :)

Tigerlilycat said...

Laughing - I'm quite certain I can remember a conversation with you that went along the lines of "you're going to love ABC2 and all of the kids shows, and just wait until Toby gets into In The Night Garden as it's seriously weird and what drugs were they on to come up with this in the first place?!", with your response being a very certain "there's no way he'll be watching that" after you caught half an episode. Have about 10 DVDs we're selling if he needs a more regular fix.

The photos are divine and yep you're going to buy more than one. See if you can buy them on disc so you can get them printed yourself and save a motza.

So what else happened in Delhi? We want the run down of the trip and the flights and where you stayed and all of that stuff. Especially as you had toddler in tow.

And what will be will be with the embies as we all know. But with that said, one of you stick!!!

Jason and Adrián said...

God, what a gorgeous kid.

Fingers crossed... if all goes well, we'll be there for pickup at the same time!

pausam said...

Am certain you will get a positive( or 2!!) Toby is looking fantastic... such a cutie!

Aleksandra said...

Toby is so cute! all the best with this cycle, Baby DUST to you!

Anonymous said...

Toby is sooo handsome he will be fighting the girls off in the not so distant future. Fantastic transfer - 4 blasts. Wishing you all the best.


Saskia said...

The dreaded wait! - but at least you have such a handsome little man to keep you occupied!. An absolute cutie pie!.

Lawrence said...

Keeping everything crossed for you!

Anu said...

I am so excited for you and truly hope for a positive outcome for you. Toby is absolutely adorable and it sounds like he is going to take his first steps any day soon!
Warm greetings from Sweden!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your results!!! Toby will have a new sibling soon!! He is sooo cute!!! Take care, Rene'

Kerrie and Mark said...

He is a beauty!! Love the first pic, oh and the smock pic...ok, they are all great! Predicitng your beta (of 596)! :0