Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Light Fairy Christmas 2012 Light Challenge!

It's onnnnnn!

Light Fairy, I've been busy the past couple of days decorating our house for Santa.

Check this out ... despite the fact the video is called the Cadger Dubstep Christmas House (a clever ruse on my part so you did not discover my plans and try to top me before the BIG reveal) ... I take you on!!!

  I hope your plans for 2012 can trump my 2011 effort!

Disclaimer: Yes,  flogged the vid off Youtube, awesome hey?


Jason and Adrián said...

I think I just had a seizure...

Mike and Mike said...

That is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY too much effort. lol. So how long did it take you to yank it off Youtube? ;P