Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Long time no blog!

Little bubble
All is good.  Little bubble was perfect at 8 weeks, heart rate has risen, measured smack bang on 8 weeks, decimal reaction adequate. We get a ten week scan this Saturday. CAN'T WAIT! Only 30 weeks to go.

I have been super busy trying to get this house finished before Christmas. Those who have been reading for awhile will know I have been owner-building a 100sqm extension on our little 2 bedroom house. It was meant to be finished before Toby was born in June 2010, it may be finished before bubble two is born in June next year. BUT, we have grass. I laid 70sqm of turf myself, pics to come.

Big bubble
Big bubble is great, he walks everywhere and even runs. He was a late walker but once he got his confidence, he just took off. He is big talker too and says around 15 words. He points to his ears and nose when asked, and then gives himself a big round of applause, sometimes skipping straight to the applause.

He's done a Micah Steph! Yesterday, out of bed after lights out and into the lounge room.  I can just imagine the look of pride on Micah's face, having escaped and found his parents, because I saw the same expression on Toby's face, pure joy!. Look at me mum, here I am, aren't you happy to see me?!!! Yes, baby you're so lever, but it's not playtime.

Here are some recent pics. Toby had his first pony ride. He also went in a bouncy castle and went in a petting zoo. He met Fat Cat but wasn't impressed.

A few months old, found it on the camera. It's a hard life.

My little brown baby. That bad home haircut has grown out. 
I have no idea where the curls come from!

Adore me.

Run Toby Run!

At the petting zoo. Toby made straight for the animals' water bowls, then the chicks. These children were petting a lamb, Toby was petting a little girl's face.

First pony ride. Should have seen his face when pony started walking. Woo hoo!!!

Practising for new baby in the toddler seat in new pram. Waaaaaaa! My baby is a toddler!!!!

Other news
I received the pics from the prof photo shoot. Yep, I bought all 21 pics, plus a canvas, plus a photo book, plus the usb stick of the images. I will scan my faves and post them soon. 

Time for bed. Love and loads of baby dust to all.


Amanda said...

Finally!! I was getting worried and needed my Toby fix, thats a lot of turf woman! Glad its coming along. LOVE the pics, he is sooo handsome, found himself a lady friend already, haha.

Thanks for the baby dust we need it along with many prayers,we have a long way to go.

Anu said...

What wonderful news! Toby is growing fast and has so much beautiful hair :) He should share some to my Jen. :D
From Sweden with love,

The Heffernan's said...

Thank you for the update. Toby is still as gorgeous as ever. Great news that bubble is growing as expected.

Jason and Adrián said...

That kid is so handsome it hurts.

Hey, we're about to begin our extension... feel like using your newly-honed skills over here?

lucylu said...

Great news on the scan, I was getting a little worried!!! Toby has those eyes that make everyone fall in love with out Mum and Dad he's gonna have LOTS of girls chasing him!!!!

Stephaniekb said...

Toddlers are certainly "full of beans" -- so proud of themselves for everything. Wait till he starts ordering you around! He's a beautiful boy and going to be a great big brother!

Doug and Bill said...

Can I take Toby??? He's the cutest little guy EVER. Glad the bubs are doing deserve all of it. Hugs!

Sarigirl said...

Hey Meg & Bob, Toby is so gorgeous and looking all grown up! Congrats on your second bubble- wonderful news.
Paul, Renee, Vinamra & Shivani

Ray & Dawn said...

Great pictures!!! Toby just gets cuter and cuter all the time! He looks like a natural born little horseman!