Monday, January 2, 2012

HAPPY 2012!!!

HAPPY 2012!
... and may it be full of babies

the diet starts now!

The Good News
Toby is finally well. He was fully miserable and awful until the past few days. Now he is back to his bouncy naughty funny little self. He was very clingy while ill, and would only go to mummy. Mummy had to lie down within for each rest, go to sleep with him, stay asleep with him, do everything with him. I got lots of lovely cuddles, but the poor little lamb was just so miserable. To make matters worse,  two canines teeth popped through at the same time.

Toby is just going to be one of the 30% of kids who is prone to febrile convulsions. It's very scary but after two, and especially this last long one, I am better prepared and (kinda) know a convulsion  is not going to kill him. So remember this post and if you child has a febrile convulsion, remember in the midst of your panic everything will be okay.

New Year's Eve
...was rather underwhelming, we went to bed early, way too old and ugly to be sociable these days.

The House
Those of you who know I have been owner-buildering the 100sqm extension on our house for the past three years will be pleased to know that it is almost finished. The outside of the house has to be painted - $20,000 - that can wait!!! But the paving is in, the Meg-laid lawns are down and the iron infills and gates  are in so the yard is finally secured! This means Toby can play outside with his dog! 

Some Toby facts

Pants. Most days are pants optional day - Toby is in pull-ups during the day now as he takes his nappy off anywhere and everywhere. My bub loves being in the nude. I let him go commando sometimes, the only problem being you can't always get to him before he lays one down.

Swimming. Toby went swimming with dad. He starts lessons this month, but already he is learning to kick his legs and blow bubbles in the water. He has no fear and on Boxing Day when the family was at the pool, he kept making a beeline for the water, and even got close enough to throw his leg over the edge. We need to drown-proof this boy as soon as possible!

Talking. Toby is a big talker. He says around 20 words now, he knows where his eyes, nose and ears are, and gives himself a huge round of applause when he points to either/or and gets it right. Sometimes we ask him to point to something and he skips straight to the self-applause. He can say  A B C - aye eee eeeee; Ba-ba (Amber); Lu-Lu (our cat Lucy); car, broom broom; buh (bus); tah (truck); gone; star; bah (bath); doh (dog); mum; dah (dad); ta (thanks); hi; bye; wee (wee); poo (poo); Li Li (Alicia); and a few others I can't recall right now.

Posting. Toby loves to post things ... he loves putting things in things. We find potatoes in drawers, toys in the washing machine, sponges in the fridge; just lots of odd things in odd places.

Washing. Toby is obsessed by the washing machine. He gets clean clothes out of the drawers and puts them in the front-loader, shuts the door and presses every button trying to figure out how to make it work.

Antics. Who got into the margarine and spread it all over himself and the kitchen? Who picked the "C" off mummy's laptop? Who pulled his table and chair set over to the window and tried to escape through the window?

It's great being a mum, frustrating at times, but all the not-so-good times are more than made up for when a little face is pressed against yours first thing in the morning and you're yelled is raised by a little finger, "Mummy, wake-up!"


Stephaniekb said...

What a gorgous trouble-maker he's going to be!

Delhi Dreamers said...

So glad Toby feeling better. He is cuter everytime you post!! Happy 2012 to all of you!!! Karen xx

Kerrie and Mark said...

Man he is such a cute kid! I am glad you have the febrile stuff sorted and understand it..scray sh&t for sure!! I guess it is all fever related huh? Horrible! Well, lets just hope and pray he stays healthy and no more seizures.
Happy 2012!!!

Aaron and Eddy said...

Toby is just adorable! Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family.

temmytango said...

awwwww, just love this are such a fantastic mum too

Mike and Mike said...

He's coming along splendidly...but margarine all over himself? EEK! Guess I can't really complain about Rose and the rice compared to Margarine.

The Hui-Wee Family! said...

Very nice post, congrat and Best wishes to you!