Sunday, April 8, 2012

26(ish weeks)

Happy Easter to all!

A whole month since I have blogged, you'd think we've been busy or something.

Little bubble is doing fine, 24 weeks scan came in, everything perfect, bubo measuring 750grams and 25 weeks, we are now 26 weeks, or is it 27? I have lost count. Holy Schmoly, that is almost third trimester. Better than third trimester, that is almost viable. Whoot!!!! And are we prepared? No. Nursery finished? No. Accommodation booked? No. Contact with AHC? No. Same as last time, she'll be right ... why do today what you can leave till tomorrow ... or the next day ....

I was just going through pics on Facebook and came across our 3D scans at 21 weeks and I literally withdrew breath, my heart started beating fast and excitement coursed through me as I mouthed, "I love you!!!!" Breathtaking. Wow, another baby. We are still thinking girl, girl's name is chosen, boy's name will always be in debate. Bob has a habit of wanting to name our children after my dead pets. When I was eight I had a ginger kitten called Toby. At 17 I had a ginger doggie called Benji. We are not naming this baby Benjamin! I have 100% control over girl's name, I have chosen an Indian name that will only be revealed after bubble is born. Though a hint for you, it's not Pooja.

Our surrogate Mrs M is doing well. She had low energy and anaemia and had IV iron injections, she is fine and doing well. I think of her every day, she is always in the back (or front) of my mind. I am looking forward to seeing her in June.

We went to Brisvegas for three weeks. Bob has a fly-in/fly-out, two weeks home two weeks away job, Perth to Brisbane. Tobo and mummy went on the last trip. Bobbo didn't bother to go to work the first week he was having too much fun with us, so we had to stay an extra two weeks. The family is great, we didn't get to the beach house (Stradbroke Island where mum and dad live), but I did manage to look at real estate ... oh ... and buy a house. Talk about impulsive. Well, it was a bargain and we need a bigger house. It's an investment property at the moment and we don't need to put much towards the monthly shortfall as it has long-term tenants. The plan is to move back to Brisbane in a year or two (more like two years). My parents aren't getting any younger and Toby loves his nanny and grandpa, and I want him to grow up with them. The downside of this plan is that Willo lives in Perth with his mum, and I seriously doubt she will let us take him with us, or that he would want to relocate (he has two brothers other than Toby in Perth) ... anyway, I present to you the house - a typical Queenslander in Highgate Hill, good, solid, needs no major extensions or work done to it other than an internal paint-job, salmon pink carpets ripped up and floors sanded and polished (which reminds, I still have half a house here that needs the same) and a new kitchen. For now, the tenants can lives with the pale yellow and burgundy trims ... seriously, whoever thought that was a good colour combination, in any decade???!!!

Salmon pink carpets ... mmm ... noice!

Back deck, upper level .. will look better sans tenants' junk

Deck bottom level - those screens can go.

Back of house, the block slopes down from front to back. There are two bedrooms downstairs and three up, a bathroom on each level plus living area downstairs. 

Scummy front porch, part of which doubles as a carport (there is no garage) - again, 
junked up with tenants' crap.

Front of house, street level - walled in - you can see what I mean about the car parking. 
Fortunately we don't place much value on cars.

Kitchen. The floors are fake timber vinyl .. WT? Must have cost less than polishing the timber floors. Obviously in need of an upgrade, but liveable.

And la piece de resistance .... the back yard ... a blank canvas!!!

Pool? Vege garden? Chickens? Balinese pagoda? Time will tell. 
(Actually my dad says not to get chickens as they will attract snakes and they may 
try and eat my babies ... what sort of a parent does he think I am?!!!)

It's time for this chocolate-filled chicken to go to bed. Yes, yes, I gave in and bought easter eggs, God those Lindt bunnies went down well. I leave you with a pic of Toby ... his antics of late deserve their own post. Just put it this way, he has suddenly shot up and can grab anything off a table or a bench. Here is my little Drag Queen in the making. Yep, that's lipstick.


Tom said...

Great news about baby #2, Good luck with the new house - looks like it will make an idyllic family home.

Edward said...

LOL! I heard snakes don't like lipstick so Toby should be all good!

Congrats on your new (future) home!

The Heffernan's said...

Wow a new house - looks very nice. Lots of room for babies. Toby is gorgeous as usual.

lisalu said...

Congratulations on your scan news and the house its fab lots of room and a good size garden... so many ideas!!!
Best wishes

Toban M said...

LOL Toby... I love that guy! Getting so big now!!!

Michael's surrogacy Journey said...

hey go to my blog page I got a discount hotel site called agoda. And i am staying at India luxuary homes I hear its very nice. I can let you know because I will be out there in 3 weeks to start my journey. Congrates with the 3rd trimester I am so happy for you

Amani (Meg) said...

God, I've just been looking at these pics realising my plans of getting away from old character houses that need work have completely come unstuck. What the heck was I thinking?

Kerrie and Mark said...

Holy house buyers!! Why not...!
You are mad! Love it!!

26 weeks, YAY!! if its a girl I cannot wait to hear your Indian name. Avoid all the names with "deep" in them please...

Maybe see ya in Delhi?!?!

Toban M said...

I love that house! It will be even more awesome after you're finished. I'd love to live there! The only thing I'd be concerned about are the strange, scary and weird Australian bugs lol. They have quite the reputation here in North America... eep!

Doug and Bill said...

"my little drag queen" HA!!
he'll love that when he's 16.
glad all's well! Yay for 26ish weeks!!!

Delhi Dreamers said...

Hi Meg Glad to hear all going well with beanie!!! Toby is getting so big and grown up!!! Glad to hear all well - the house is so roomy!! Best wishes, K xx

bear said...

Congrats on your almost 27weeks, so exciting !
Also on your whim purchase, holy moly only a teensy bit on your plate : ) Fun times.

New Year Dreaming said...

I love the new house Meg. So happy that things are going so well with the new bubble. Names for babies - we have a few in mind but we dont want to jinx ourselves being so early in the process.

Surrogacy said...

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Surrogacy in India said...

Vow its great news , its new house congratulations may god bless you .

Tigerlilycat said...

Ha ha, was thinking just that (you buying another house that needs work) - your love of renovating obviously runs very deep!!! And I am amazed that Tobo even managed to find a lipstick, let alone apply so beautifully. Was that your one and only??

George said...

he is so cute good luck with everything x