Sunday, May 6, 2012

House no more : ((

Well here we are at 32 weeks TODAY!!!!, the pressure is on, believe me, the pressure we feel is pretty intense. Accommodation is booked, and we have a client reference number from Australian High Commission, but in true Meg n' Bob form, nothing else has been done. God forbid this baby shows up early!!!

Do you remember that nursery I was going to have ready for Toby almost 2 years ago? Still not done. Okay, the house is in a much better shape that it was 2 years ago, we have lawn out the front, gardens, the bulk of the renos are done ... but we still have two bedrooms in the old section of the house to repaint, and the floors to be sanded and polished in the old part of the house. Of course, the nursery is in the old section of the house, and I can tell you now, as much as I want the house to finally be finished ... it is not going to be done any time soon. We have the money to do it, but the energy levels are at an all time low, and the motivation to move four bedrooms worth of furniture into the new part of the house while we fix the old part of the house, is sadly lacking.

New house
I posted about the new house we bought. Well, it didn't go through. It was not  through lack of finance nor want,  rather lack of ability to get our act together to complete all the paperwork, and handle all the rubbish that goes with buying a house. So Friday we pulled out due to inability to secure finance. Que sera.

Mr T
Our beloved is as cute and sweet and naughty and challenging as ever. He is the biggest cuddler and kisser in the world. Yes, he is still in our bed. How can I chuck him out, even if I wanted to?  He is a total bed hog and there have been a few nights where I have woken up with small boy on top of me trying to burrow into my soul. Big wet toddler pashes at 3am are lovely, but our sleep hygiene is not what it could be. Bugger it, I don't care, I have waited my whole life for this child and for his love and to love him.

At Aunty Belinda and Uncle Christian's wedding in his Indian outift. 
Is that a toy gun or a bottle in my pocket?


Speech. Toby said beach. It came out as something close to bitch, then we got it. Phew, he is not a foul-mouthed 2 year old, he's just learning pronunciation.

Wedding rehearsal. We went to Aunty Belinda's wedding rehearsal, first time Toby has ever been in a church. This was a Catholic church. Toby was taken by the big statue of Jesus. I introduced him to Jesus and asked him, "What does Jesus say?" His reply: "Jeeeez".  We then checked out the statue of Mary and I told him her name is Mary. Toby's reply" "Nanny!" My mum's name is Mary.

Wedding Day. Toby was so well behaved. We didn't care if he went into the church in a screaming hissy fit, that's what babies do. A 1.5 hour Catholic wedding ceremony is no kid's idea of fun. We sat near an exit, and didn't actually need to use it, the worst he did was go harass "Jeez".

Leaving the nest. Toby is in Day Care 2 days a week, Tuesday and Wednesday. He loves it, mummy hates it. These are such lonely days for me.  How pathetic am I?  I have dropped him off a couple of times and wanted to race straight back and bring him home. Anyone who is o FB with me knows my pain (and all-time depressive whinging that my baby is growing up).

Toby is toilet training! Whoot. He nows tells us every time he does a wee (which also means poo) and it is almost impossible to keep a nappy on him, he is the boy of naked! Toby improvised his own potty. He took a bucket from the laundry, did a pee in it, and proudly presented it to mumma. Nice one boy! (What a crap mother I didn't see this coming and buy a dozen potties to place around the house in preparation for this momentous event in her son's life!)

Babies. Toby loves babies. He reads the blogs with me, and also facebook. He sees a baby and says, "Ooh, OOOHH OOOOHHHHHH!!!" We will see a lot of these babies he knows as his Indian friends at the conference end of this month.

Kisses. Toby sees a photo of mum or dad on the computer and kisses the monitor. He skypes with dad when he's away and slobbers his dad's face on the screen. It's kinda sad.


Delhi Dreamers said...

Glad to hear all Going well. Best wishes K

A Passage to Baby said...

Holy crap that picture is gorgeous. Can't blame you for giving him whatever his heart desires.

Anu said...

Oh, his Indian outfit is incredible. I must get one of those for Erik!

The Heffernan's said...

I so love that boy!

Bernadette & Duane said...

I sure would like to meet that Toby of yours, but it looks like I'll be home before you arrive. Right? I will be home before you arrive, right? Please tell me I am right:)

Doug and Bill said...

All wonderful news...even if the house isn't done. Toby in that Indian garb is sooooo cute!

Aleksandra said...

It won't be long now. And Toby is so cute!!!

New Year Dreaming said...

How gorgeous does Toby look in that outfit! You guys sound super busy but maybe it is a blessing in disguise that the new house thing didnt transpire. Hope everything goes well - I am going to the surrogacy australia conference at end of this month. Will you be there too or too close to imminent bubs birth?

bear said...

Gorgeous jacket (to match mightily handsome Tobias)!
Very excited for you at 33weeks - whaaaaaat already?