Monday, June 4, 2012

36 weeks!!!!

Long time no post. I am meant to be painting a bedroom, but am procrastinating as usual. My life is Toby, work, work, more work, Toby and then fix up this crap house. Occasionally I get to spend time with my husband, but marital relations are on the back-burner, as always. Edward from Faith to Vishwas got it right on Facebook, "Meg, you have been painting for 17 years!" Not quite 17 years, but yes, all the time I have been blogging, which is five years. The old parts of the house I painted five years ago need repainting, and that is what I am doing. We have a floor sander coming in on 9th June to do the old part of the house, it will be done by 13th June, we give it 2 days drying, then move the furniture back in by 15th June, then we fly out the next day to India.

Baby news

We hit 36 weeks yesterday. Wow, this has been a dream pregnancy, the only issue was low iron  with Mrs M requiring IV iron injections which cost next to nothing, anything for Mrs M! I feel so darned lucky we survived surrogacy once, much less twice! (almost). Our 34 weeks scan showed baby measuring 1.8 kilos, but only 32 weeks, so growth has slowed down a little. I was worried about this, but Dr S says it all normal, she's not worried, so I'm not worried. She did, however, delay sending me the scan results until she was on the plane to Australia as she knew I would freak. Which I did. Lucky I had Margarida to client manage me and tell me should would get all the scans I thought I needed, including an MRI!. Yes, we all go loopy. I am nesting, we will have the nursery promised for Toby two years ago finished for new baby. I am really looking forward to meeting him or her ... names are chosen, and Form 118 is as complete as it can be. Bob is off to have his DNA test done next week. We're going with Qld DNA labs as there are local collection centers, and they are fast and cheap ($1250 for one parent and baby with 1-2 day turnaround).


We braved the Perth office of VFS Services, which handles the Indian visa applications. This time it only required two trips, there is always something missing from our applications. Bob is flying on a medical visa, as he is genetic dad of baby, Toby and I are on tourist visas. There has been a warning on Indian Embassy websites around the world for approx. five months now that states anyone going to Indian for surrogacy must go on the correct visa, otherwise they could face prosecution. They don't state what the correct visa is. We have had people in Delhi looking into this for a long time now, and people in Australia thoroughly confused as to the visa they are meant to travel on. VFS in one state says an "entry" visa, Perth says a "medical" visa, Indian High Commission in Canberra says entry visa, but approve the medical visas from other states. Go figure. As it turns out, an entry visa is for people of Indian origin, which most of us are not. In the past five months we have had approx 14 couples go home on tourist visas, and we have people (including us) apply for get medical visas, and a bub about to come home with genetic dad on a medical visa. So all I can recommend is that for your first trip apply for a tourist visa, as you are not having any medical services yourself ... and for baby pick-up, a medical visa. Please note, a clinic at the Surrogacy Australia conference two week-ends ago told delegates the appropriate visa is a surrogacy visa. There is no such thing as a surrogacy visa folks!


Things are crazy, as usual. I have been sick for the past month or more. First it was the autumn cold/flu, that laid me so low I did all my work on the laptop in bed in the lounge-room in front TV. When that cleared up I got a severe case of tonsillitis, which I have not had for a decade or more. My throat became so bad I actually had to go see a doctor. I was in so much pain, I couldn't eat much less swallow,  Bob was away so I had full-time Tobytron to care for, I was stuffing every cold and flu tablet I could buy down my neck, gargling with iodine, salt water, anesthetic mouth wash, taking painkillers with codeine in them ... A couple of weekends ago I dragged myself off the bed (which is in the lounge-room, why you may ask, that's another story), with Toby in tow, and went to the expensive out of hours GP. She told me I had left things a bit too late to go to a normal doctor, she prescribed anti-biotics, and told me if things had not started to improve in two days, to go to the ER and have IV anti-biotics. The ABs worked, and I started to feel a whole lot better. I then made it to the Surrogacy Australia conference.

Surrogacy Australia conference

Wow! SO many people there, they were turning them away. Margarida and I worked solidly the whole weekend, there were 2-3 people deep at our "table" at any one time, and our gorgeous families were there to talk to anyone and everyone. When Dr Shivani went to do her presentation she was greeted with a round of applause and a standing ovation, she was a rock star!

The surrogacy community in Australian in 2012 is so different to when I started looking at surrogacy in 2007. Back in 2008 I felt really alone in our quest to have children overseas, there were few blogs, few choices for clinics, and so little support from Australia as we had just not worked out that surrogacy overseas in India was an option back then. Those that had done it, were few and far between - we heard about babies being born through surrogacy in India, but few would share their story, much less blog about it, or do anything so bold as to start a surrogacy community that we now have thanks to Sam E! I have so much praise and gratitude to the Surrogacy Australia organisers, Sam E and the SA committee; I m gobsmacked, and just so in awe that this could actually happen in Australia.


Here are some recent pics of Toby trying out the various $2 rides at the local shopping centre. I will tell Rahul this is his new fleet of cars for SCI clients.

Red racer, makes baby go fast!

Peppa Pig, snort snort

Flaming train, toot toot!

Ride that wild lion, baby!

Look at me, no hands! The glee of being almost two.

Mum's cooking is boooooring. Asleep on his dinner.


Doug and Bill said...

Gotta love dream pregnancies! And surrogacy twice, I dunno if I'd have the stomach for it...

TOBY IS ADORABLE...maybe we will try for a boy...NOT! Good luck with baby pick up and everything coming up!!!!

Will and Michael said...

Best of luck for the next few weeks, we will be thinking of you guys! Thankfully we can still walk past the little $2 rides at the shops I am sure our days are numbered however!!! Toby is as cute as ever..

New Year Dreaming said...

Wooooohooooo Fantastic news. Thanks for the heads up too about the visa situation. Yes I heard them say that there was allegedly a new surrogacy visa at the Conference too! Curious

Mandy said...

WOW! lots going on, he's so darn cute, i just wanna pinch his cheek...see you soon hopefully :)

Love nesting!

Alltonneethree said...

Amazing! that has flown by indeed!! Can't believe you will have another little tobester to look after...definitely think its a pink one this time!
Thanks for clarifying the visa arrangement as even when you email the embassy's they don't know their arse from their elbow!

Well good luck for the next few days as I don't think you'll be waiting much longer...waiting with anticipation and of course your chosen girls name...I love Bluebell :)

lisalu said...

Wow 36ks just wonderful news!! You are avery busy lady!! i am glad Toby has such a range of transport x

Michael's surrogacy Journey said...

Congrates I am so happy for you, I am in week 5 just waiting but I am ok with it.

Ben and Damien said...

Congrats, that your almost near the second finish line.

I love checking in on your blog as its the hub to everyone's fantastic journeys. All the best on the little one.

Ben x

Gee said...

wow 36 weeks soooo exciting! loving the last picture of Toby sleeping at dinner, too cute.

Saskia said...

Wow B.2 is nearly here!! thanks so much for the run-down of the Visa situation - so very confusing especially when the Government officials can't even get it right (surprise surprise). Looking forward to hearing more in the coming weeks!

Austin@Surrogacy said...

Toby is really very cute!

Me and my wife are in the initial stages of the process before we did a lot of research beforehand and found several blessed parents writing about their journey to parenthood. God bless you and thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences.