Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Delayed again

We missed our flight ... thanks to Ms Stickler for the rules Check-in Chick at Singapore Airlines.

Meg: I think we missed our flight.

Check-in Chick: The flight is closed.

Bob (resigned to our fate): When does the next flight leave?

Meg (down but not out): How soon before departure were we meant to be here?

Check-in Chick: 40 minutes

Bob: (having thrown in the towel) How do get on another flight?

Meg: (Hope rising) But it's still 40 minutes before departure!

Check-in Chick: 35 minutes

Meg: What's five minutes you rotten cow! (thoughts not verbalised)

Bob: (shuffles uncomfortably seeing wife about to vehemently debate, implode, explode or a combination of all)

Meg: (looks at watch ... 38 minutes ... recalls scenes of angry customers loop out at airport staff on TV shows like Airline ... doesn't think being frog-marched out of Perth International Airport by Australian Federal Police is a good look) ... How do we rebook our flights?

It takes an hour to get on the next available flight ... 7.40am the next morning ... 12 hour lay-over in Singapore ... arrival into Delhi 7am Thursday. Flights changed, $240 forked over, we decide a trip to Singapore Zoo will be a lovely day out for the family ... Meg is thinking ... Chilli Crab washed down with Singapore Sling ... it's no so bad.

We decide to have a coffee and some "joosh" before heading home ... it's 3.55pm - our flight should be leaving ... last call for passengers who have not yet boarded Singapore Airlines Flight ... bla bla bla.

Bob: We could have made it.

Meg: They're waiting for us you know.

Bob: There are people strapped in eyeing off our empty basinette row seats.

Toby: Joosh

Meg: Ah. I didn't feel like flying today anyway.

Bob: Me either, I'm tired and you're cranky.

Toby: Mum, mum, mum, mum, mum, mum

We load all our stuff in a taxi resigned to having a lovely night in eating fish and chips. Good plan!

As we drive along the freeway home, there goes our plane - taking off 20 minutes late!

Meg: We could have made it.

Bob: We could have made it.

Toby: Plane! Plane!

New arrival time Thursday 21st sometime in the morning ... we hope.


Jason and Adrián said...

But aren't you glad you're all packed and can now have a leisurely departure on Thursday? No?

Anu said...

Oh, what a chick! Poor you! have a safe trip to Delhi!

Fredrik said...


That is bad luck!!!

Hope that you will have a nice time in Singapore zoo.

And for the baby in Delhi. Stay in stomach...

Good luck. Hope to see you in Delhi.

Robbie + Allen said...

Oh no! Enjoy Singapore, can't wait to hear all about it :)

Robbie + Allen said...

Oh no! You'll get there! Enjoy Singapore, can't wait to hear all about it!

The Heffernan's said...

Oh Meg you were calmer than I would have been. I think I would have just sat down and cried. Lets hope the next flight sees you landing in Delhi on time and baby stays inside a few more days. x

Jacaranda said...

OMG What a START!! Take 2 - and enjoy the chilli crabs!!! Will be waiting with baited breath to see how you get on the other end - am still trying to determine which flippin' visa's we neeeeed!! Medical + Tourist??? Thinking of you!

dancingarcher said...

Oh sh*t. There is no other word to sum that up! Hope when you finally get in the air that you have a lovely trip over to meet your new bubba :)

New Year Dreaming said...

Your post is making me chuckle! It is so true how you cant be late (by their clocks) but they can run late no problem whatsoever and they still wont let you fly. Good Luck for tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Funny Meg. Legend. 5 minutes late...for such an occasion, I'd love to be a fly on the wall at Perth airport.

Bob said...

Top Tip: With a medical visa in your passport you are welcomed into the the special assistance aisle at New Delhi immigration. Special needs. Short queue. Short bus. Nice. I have no dignity.