Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Toby

Happy Birthday to our beautiful boy Toby 
... you will always be our baby

Toby is two today. 

May the rest of your life be as happy and carefree as your first two years.

Cake for lunch, cake for dinner. 

Where have two years gone? They do grow up so quickly. Enjoy every moment, they are not little for long. Two is a gorgeous age. Toby is speaking well, we understand most things he says, though we don't always agree with him (lights are not the moon, a fish is not a duck). There is a new word every other day. We didn't even know he knew it was his birthday until around lunchtime he piped up, " Bir Day" ... then "broom broom" (with driving hands and a bit of mouth spit), then "Shop". This meant "It is my birthday, I want you to buy me a car from the shop".  I want to keep him  little forever.

Where did he learn that you blow out candles on a birthday cake? He got the first out out no problems, but then it smoked in his face and he said, "Hot" so mummy blew out the second one for him".

Toby understand presents, and that there is paper to rip off and good things inside. He isn't so sure about the song ... His SCI family organised his birthday and everyone was there to sing to him, all the attention was, perhaps,  a little overwhelming.

Yum, being fed cake by Aunty Shivani. He calls her Nanna, which is not very flattering considering Dr S is so young. But it's Toby's term of endearment, and he calls out to her when she is not in the room, "Nanna, Nanna, Nanna gone".

Miss Mishali

Mishali only spent one night in hospital. She came home with us on Tuesday. She is a beautiful peaceful baby. She cries only when she is hungry, she settles easily, she is doing all the things she should be doing, and she is scoffing down 40-60mls every 2-3 hours. She sleeps an awful lot. Today we took her back to Dr Tandon for a check-up. She is slightly jaundiced, but there is no cause for concern nor any need to put her under the lights. She has only lost 90 grams of her birthweight, so all is just great. 

We love her!!!! Love her to pieces. I have not had a lot of time with her, I am working and I need to be with Toby, who is feeling the pull of not having both his parents at his beck and call at every moment. besides, she is a daddy's girl and Bob has hogged her. he has done all her night time feeds, her baths, and all her nappies., I have not yet changed her (and am just fine with that!) She is seriously a dream baby, so easy and quiet ... I guess she has not yet found her full volume!

More pics to come, I have to retrieve them off the busted laptop - someone - I wonder who, decided to wash mummy's laptop with hand sanitiser.

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