Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let there be PINK!

Pretty in pink, with one eye open : ))

Daddy's little girl - dress courtesy of Kim's hand-me-down fashions. Thanks Kim!

Long legs and toes, alas, she suffers the curse of the Sainsbury flat feet. I don't think she will go vert far in ballet : (( Toby's feet are so flat and his ankles turned in we are going to have to get him orthopaedic shoes or his legs will develop incorrectly.

Mummy and her little cling-on Koala. I love this little girl so much.

Finally a pic with her eyes open. 

Mishali is a funny little thing, she has started pulled all sorts of faces, and I am sure she is smiling. She is recognising faces and hands and the world around her. I don't know how much she is taking in, but she is quite inquisitive - when she is awake - which is not often. She is such a quiet little baby. She will scream for her food, but a cuddle will settle while she waits patiently for the bottle to warm. She is eating well, now on 100-120mls every 2-3 hours, after which she falls into a deep satisfied sleep. She is so different to toby. Toby was always a screaming from the moment her was born, until now. He could never be put down, he always had to be held, and the first three months with him were just awful, we were so tired as he went on and on and one ... not a lot has changed.

How is Toby coping with a new sibling? He finds her funny. He thinks her feet are hilarious. he has pulled her out of her valco carry cot twice now, so they can't be left alone for a second, not even for mum to go to the loo. He wants to cuddle her, and he gives her lots of kisses, but he gets a bit boisterous at times and insists on snogging her with a full wet mouth, which is not to her liking, so we have to prise the toddler off the baby.

Mishali is mainly hanging out with dad, and mum is with Toby. he is demanding a lot of attention and is being very naughty. He issn't settled here, he doesn't have his "stuff" and the stuff he does have is strewn all over the apartment. he has done his drawing on walls trick again, has spread margarine all over the coffee table, and his favourite pastime is to get into our wallets and pull out every note, receipt, card and coin. My credit card and bank card have gone missing and despite an apartment-wide search have not been found. i suspect he has posted them in a bin and they are long gone.

We have only just figured out how to close the swinging door to the kitchen to keep him out. Now he hides behind it and has been bopped on the head a couple of times. All head bangs bring forth thick wet tears from those gorgeous eyes of his, and require a kiss on his "bang".

House keeping
Toby keeps trying to help with cleaning. This usually entails him pinching a sponge, soaking it and pouring it all over any surface he can find. He truly hints he is helping, but he is driving mummy mad. While this is a serviced apartment, we don't let housekeeping in everyday. Three guys show up with a bucket of what looks like filthy black water, which is, intact, clean water with lysol in it to wash the floors. Who the heck uses Lysol anymore? It stinks, it makes me sick ... so i went and bought my own mop and bucket and a cleaner that smelled a little better, and I am doing it myself. I could have asked them to not use Lysol, but I didn't want to offend anyone. I am a guest in this country, and I'd prefer to just go with the flow and fly under the rear, even if it means washing floors myself : ))

We had a nurse in for the first time last night. Alphonso is from the nursing agency that provides nurses to SCI clients. I pay 1000INR for a 12 hour shift, the agency gets 400 rupee and the nurse gets 600 rupee - that is US$10.80.  (Contrary to recent stupid Delhi gossip, SCI does not add a mark-up on nursing services ... 1000INR doesn't go very far, even in India!)  A is from Kerala, she is married and she has two children, aged 2 and 3. She has not seen them in months. She is in Delhi to make the "BIG" money, i.e. $10.80US night. I asked her what her husband does, and he is a factory worker, but he doesn't make much money, so she is the bread winner. She told me she went to Saudia Arabia to nurse but the money wasn't very good (in Saudia Arabia???? I know Australian nurses go there to make better money that they earn at home, and that money is far better than a nurse is paid in India. Perhaps SA pays Indian nurses less than Australian nurses, and I wonder why.) Anyway, the money wasn't so good and she was locked in a room and not allowed out, except to work. She wants to come to Australia to be our nurse. Of course she does, when i told her a nanny - if paid on the books with holidays, superannuation, paying taxes, sick days etc is on around $4000 month (gross) her eyes nearly fell out of her head.  What different lives we lead. I am wondering why I have so much and other have so little, and i am feeling extremely grateful and a whole lot guilty and I need to have a good look at my life and what I have and what I can give.


The Heffernan's said...

Mishali is beautiful. I feel the same way that you do Meg about helping and being grateful.

Shakti Rose said...

Beautiful photos of Mishali, she's gorgeous. Enjoy yourselves :) SR x

A Passage to Baby said...

It's possible that in SA they paid her less because she was Indian and they could get away with it. We will never have a layover in Dubai because of an incident my husband witnessed by officials towards Indians there. He will pay a higher fare to make sure we aren't routed through there.

SKhan said...

Oh Meg, Mishali is gorgeous! What a sweet baby. I hope Toby continues to adjust to India. I am sure its a tough place to have a toddler.

Anu said...

Sounds like you have got a little beauty sleeper! It is a fairytale for me to hear about newborns who can be put to beds and who sleep there in hours. At least it seems I have a "eater" this time and it is a complete miracle for me - Jennifer was such a poor eater until couple of months ago.
Toby seems to take a lot of energy so that is what I wish you! Sleep when you can and enjoy every second!

bear said...

Meg she is just beautiful.

Jason and Adrián said...

Alfonsa was one of our favorite nurses. Tell her Olivia says "hi."

Joann and Brian said...

How adorable!! Girls are so much fun to dress up - don't get me wrong - I love my boy but you can't dress them up in pink frilly dresses ;-) have fun and enjoy every second!

Gary said...

23Mishala is so gorgeous, healthy and happy while she sleeps. Its great that Toby already loves his sister.
As for Alphonso, we feel sorry for all Indian nurses while the nurses complain they dont earn enough - figure that out!!!

Delhi Dreamers said...

Mishali is just beautiful!!! Poor Toby hopefully won't be long til he back home with his stuff - it must be so hard on him poor chicken.

Brent and Charlie said...

She is an absolute doll!

Craig said...

It sounds like Toby really loves his little sister, and you and Bob have your hands full. Mishali is just gorgeous.