Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pics of things

My kids.

I love that we are now plural, and I say "my daughter" .. I am still not used to that .... we were just fine with either girl or boy, in fact I thought it best if we had another boy because I felt "I know how to handle boys" ... but I must say, today Mishali wore frilly pink courtesy of Kim from A Family Miracle ... and I just loved it!!!

We are so darned blessed and lucky and in kiddie heaven. (Please read back 600 posts ago and know we were not always so lucky). I am also feeling a little sad that our surrogacy journey has come to an end. I feel displaced, a little lost and a wee bit sad that we are done.  It has surely been a remarkable journey, one that so many people are now embarking upon, or thinking about it, or part way through ...  I have come to realise that having my son and daughter through surrogacy in a foreign land was not only an incredibly courageous act of bravery, but the biggest achievement of my life. I doubt I can ever do anything as remarkable again.  And I am fine with that. Now my job is to raise these little ones best I can.

Too big for a bath, it is showers from now on. And long ones, with lots of hair products squeezed and wasted. How did this boy get too big for the laundry tub?

Spot the newborn. One big bed, one tiny baby.


Give me that sissy!

Sissy snog. A bit too boisterous Mr T ... had to pull him off her.

You will take some brotherly loving, oh yes you will!

Open your eyes Sissy, open your eyes. Again, had to remove Mr T who was trying to prise Mishi's eye open with his fingers.

Daddy and "Waa Waa". Mr T now calls her "Waa Waa" ... cause the babies on the bus go "Waa Waa Waa".

Mr Big Eyes. Today they were green ...

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