Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Still here ...

We were due to leave last Friday, 13th. We are still here. There was a stuff-up with Mishali's DNA swabs, the doc approved by Aussie High Commission to take the swabs sent them to the wrong lab in Australia, so it took a week for them to be found and then sent to the correct lab. The swabs arrived at DNA QLD last Thursday (taken Tuesday the week before), and today, Wednesday, A WEEK after DNA QLD received the swabs,  sent the report to Bob and to AHC -  but no-one can open it. And can we get onto DNA QLD? Nope. So much for a 1-2 day turnaround. NOT HAPPY JAN! DNA QLD can up their game because this bunny isn't referring anyone to them anymore.

So what do we do? Nothing, there is nothing we can do. Are we frustrated and pissed off? Yes. Has it cost money - oh yes, another week and half in accommodation for us $600; $500 for Amber's kennel costs and $1000 for new flights. So who can we sue? No-one, and would we want to? No. Life is not an unfolding trajectory of ultimate goodness, mistakes are made, shit happens and you just have to go with the flow. 

Bob hasn't been to work in more than six weeks. He is on contract so there is no sick pay, no holiday pay, no paternity leave, no baby bonus, no government anything zip, zilch, zero, nothing. I don't dare calculate what this has cost us in loss of earnings, I would probably cry. But hey, we still get to pay the Carbon Tax and not get the little monetary offset gift being sent to people across Australia as I type. (Don't get political Meg, do NOT get political ... )

While super-desperate to get home, but being stuck painted into the proverbial corner, I am counting our blessings. Mishali is thriving. She has found her voice, she is becoming demanding, she knows what a cuddle is and knows how to get it ... as a baby should! She is well, and happy enough, except when her big brother sticks his finger in her eye as says, "nose".

She is a darling baby. She smiled. She did! I know babies aren't meant to smile until a few months of age, Toby never did, Toby was so sullen until around five months, he just didn't smile  ... Mishi let rip the biggest widest smile at mummy a couple of days ago and my heart just melted. She has a dimple in her right cheek.  I was so excited. Of course no-one else saw it, and Bob thinks the "smile" was followed by a bottom explosion, but I swear it wasn't. (I have subsequently caught Bob with Mishi saying, smile baby, smile at daddy. Hah!)

Mishi is a very inquisitive baby, she is getting interested in the world around her, she is reaching out with her hands and making silly baby faces. She looks like a little wise soul at times, her deep blue eyes are intense as she focusses in and out of the life she now lives in.

Some pics

Still in love ... 

Baby snog

Entertaining the toddler. Oh my, His Naughtiness has a whole post of his own coming. 

Preparing for Pride - hey, we gave him the right colours!

Hmmm, Bob ready for Mardi Gras or is this Haiawatha?


Michael's surrogacy Journey said...

I hope things get sorted out and you guys can leave soon, sending good thoughts :)

Edward said...

Looking great...all of you.
Hope your stuff gets sorted soon...but in the meantime, just remember it's only get to keep these new memories for much much longer...forever in fact! xo

Mike and Mike said...

Late and overdue, but congratulations to you both! When Edward and Paul were over on the forth of July, we were reminiscing and laughing over the many "bun" fights that seemed to always pop-up in those early years when we were all doing surrogacy.

So different now, your baby girl is just beautiful. Get home safe and soon, and Toby is still as cute as can be!

Mike A.

P.S. Any suggestions for an authentic Aussie recipe? Our company is having a BBQ and Australia is the theme.

Doug and Bill said...

Still here still queer...oh, that's another post, sorry...

Anyway, hoping things speed up and the swabs all get sorted out. Toby is still the cutest ever (despite his naughtyness) and let's hope he starts treating his little sister with less pokes in the eye. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Oh Meg, your just too funny. On the upside home will wait and your time in India you will miss. Talk about naughty Sara will give Toby a run for money !!! I've tried to email you but it bounces back. Thanks for the updates. Denise x

jojo said...

You're in heaven. Enjoy every second :))