Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Long time no post, so much change

Will and Mishi

The bigger than Toby big brother giving Mishi a kiss. First time I've seen him with a doll.

Grandma and Miss Mishi

My first doll, from Grandma. Toby insisted the present was his, swiped the doll and wouldn't hand it over. He subsequently lost interest as is back playing with his cars and banging on drums.

Toby has just discovered the joys of stacking. "I did it!" And we're meant to applaud this mess? 

Taken last night. 

My babies. 

So, obviously we're back. We've been run off our feet, and trying to settle back into a routine, or rather, develop a new routine that includes a newborn. This is my 10th attempt at blogging this post, there are always interruptions, or  I just pass out we are so sick. Hitting 5 degrees celsius in Perth after more than 40 in Delhi was not kind to the system.

Going back a bit in time, the flight home was eventful only in as much as I almost had a meltdown when SIngapore Airlines let two singles no kids and a couple with a large kid sit in the bassinet row while we had to slum it in three (all paid as Toby is two now) cramped seats with a newborn was just very poor service. One girl offered to give me and baby her seat, but there's no way Toby would let mummy sit anywhere away from him, and no way I could look after the toddler and the baby with Bob sitting rows away, we needed at least three of the four seats in the bassinet row, the seats we booked, the seats we were promised and the seats the other four adults and the large child did not need. Moral to the story, don't give Singapore Airlines your business; and people do not take bassinet rows if you don't need them, the leg room is nice, for you, but we really struggled thanks to your selfishness.

Moving on ... we came home to a pile of mail, bills unpaid as the credit card was overloaded and had bounced payments, a $2,600 invoice from Amber's doggie resort - and a notice from our local council demanding we repair our driveway to suit council specifications within a month or they would fine us $1000 (letter dated 2nd July, we open the letter 1 August). Last thing you want to do is organise tradies on your first week home with a newborn.

It was, and is, great to be home, but so quiet. After the hustle and bustle of Delhi, the people, the smells, the heat and the never sleep pace of the city, it feels like we are in a small quiet village in the country. The occasional car goes past our house but most of the time things are quiet ... eerily quiet and it has taken a while to get used to the nothingness of living in dull Perth.

It has taken a couple of weeks to get Toby back into a routine, he has had so much change of late, and once he realised that "sissy" is a permanent feature in our lives, he has been regressing a little and acting up. Toby has discovered the words "mine" and "no" and he uses them frequently. He has been screaming his lungs out at bedtime, refusing to have brush brush, insisting on staying up as late as he can get away with, and he got to our freshly painted bedroom walls with mummy's black eyeliner pencil. Grrrrrr. he has discovered keys, and knows they unlock doors. He pinched the door keys pulled his drum stool over to the door and attempted his escape. He also swiped my aromatherapy spray and "washed" his sister's face ... but hey, he was good enough to come and tell mummy that sissy was going "waaaa". Everything now has to go up another level as Toby has stool and Toby will use stool to reach what Toby wants. This means nothing can be left on the dining table, dressing table, buffet, kitchen benches ... Despite his wilfulness, Toby is a happy, adorable loveable child with a winning smile. he loves to dance, and ride his trike through the house, pulling all sorts of confiscated goodies in the trailer hitched to the back. He is developing beautifully, every day we have a new word, and we sometimes struggle to understand what he's saying but he keeps on saying it until we get it. His latest obsession is "pockets" but his first love is still baby wipes. Put a pack of baby wipes in his reach and you lose the lot in a matter of seconds. At least uses them to wipe things, floors, furniture, his sister's face ...

Mish, Mishi, Mishi Wishi, Squishy Mishi, The Squishula (that one is Bob's) is still a dream baby. She only cries when she is hungry, or needs a change, or a cuddle. You give her a little bounce in her rocker and she settles. She's eating every 2-3 hours day and night and is getting quite chubby. She has a double chin and a big round face that is soooo cute and kissable. Like Toby, she has lost most of her baby hair. She looks a bit like an old man with hair around the back and sides, and small strip on top for a comb-over. Next week is her first vaccinations and Toby's 2 year vaccinations, not looking forward to a double banger of needles in small bodies. the kids will be fine, mummy won't be. I love these kids so much it hurts to see them in pain. She's lying here next to me, her little hands above her head, sleeping in the same position as Toby, in a deep slumber. her brother is in bed, most likely sleeping in the same position. This time of night is beautiful ; ))

Bob has been off work for 7 weeks now. I couldn't cope without him. He is due to go back next week, and would normally be away for two weeks then home for two weeks. That is rubbish, a baby changes so much in two weeks. As his job is based in Brisbane we are packing up the dog, the kids and the laptop and heading to stay with my parents who live on North Stradbroke Island. I am really looking forward to our first beach holiday as a family - and I use the word holiday with sarcasm - I will be working and we will only see Bob at weekends, but it's better than being separated for two whole weeks. We have some big decisions to make about where to live. It's eitherBob's job to go or we move permanently back east. I can't even think about packing up the house and moving at this stage ...


Edward said...

You have a full plate my dear! Welcome home.
We have 3 of those very same dolls that were a gift from my Mom when our girls were newborns.
Cherish those quiet nighttime need them to re-juice for the morning!!!!

Delhi Dreamers said...

Love the pictures!!! You are blessed with a beautiful and very busy family!!! Good luck with Toby and the keys!!! Have a nice time with your family. K&J xxx

Tigerlilycat said...

Laughing - we ARE moving (in 3 weeks) and I can't think about packing or moving either!! Happy to sort cupboards and that's about it. Super glad to hear things are going relatively well with Tobs and Mishi. Photos with Will are divine. L xx

SuzieBen said...

Good to see you home and getting into a routine just before you have to pack up and leave lol!!! Hope the trip goes well. Your little girl is just beautiful and I cannot believe how big Toby is now and still super cute!

Gary said...

My oh my, what a hectic life. And catching a cold certainly doesn't help. Yet it has and will all be worth it as Mishali and Toby are healthy. Good luck in the tough decisions ahead, but it will all be worthwhile in the end.

Mike and Colin said...

Hey Meg, thanks for sharing your amazing pics, I cant believe how much Mishi has grown already - so beautiful!

lucylu said...

Mishi looks like a little dolly herself! Sounds like Toby is asserting his power of big brother as they do! My brother still does it to me....mind you he doesn't wash my face, thank god!LOL!

You have to do whats right for you and your kids, we are looking at life changes too! You only get one shot! Take care of YOU too!!!!