Sunday, September 16, 2012

How they grow!

So much for my posting every week, there is simply no time and any time I have is spent with the kiddie-winks. Boy have they grown. Mishi is now two months and three weeks, and Toby two years and two months.

This is Mishi three weeks ago aged 2 months.

Mishi last week, two months three weeks.

Little Miss Prim and Proper, note the gentile little finger - what a Princess. 

Mishi is still a dream baby, most of the time, compared with Toby who cried for the first five months of his life and would not let anyone put him down. She is happy and smilie and she laughs. Last week shaw started a new sound - I call it the dolphin - I have to take a video to record this strange sound as it is just beyond describing. She is very lazy baby, she loves lying around sucking down milk bottles and have a kick in her bouncer. Tonight she was trying to grab the hang down thingy that makes noise with her feet to make the song work. She got really frustrated as she isn't quite coordinated enough to get it every time, but she tries hard. Mishai is really quick with her development (hate to compare my kids ....) compared to Toby who did everything at his own sweet time. She's vocalising, smiling, laughing, swatting the toys on her jungle gym. She has good neck control, is inquisitive and interested in the world around her, but boy can she sleep : )) Ah, gotta love a sleeping baby ; )) BTW - no she's not in the cot either, glad we only paid $80 for it second hand, neither but has used it. Mnishi is usually with dad during the night, either in bed with him or in her rocker,, while mum and Toby snuggle in the back room. Wake up time is 6.30am on the dot every morning, with Toby crawling on mum and demanding to "play".

My mum, Mary with Mishi last week.

My mum finally came to visit, thank GOd, we were getting pretty rough around the edges. There is nothing like having your mum around to wash and fold your clothes, care for your kids and make you banana pancakes.  I had a very indulgent two weeks of on-tap care and toby corralling on nanny to get her up at 6.30am. I have sleep-ins!!! I miss my parents so much. They live onNorth Stradbroke Island, there is always a home there for us - 50 metres from the ocean - don't we surprised if we just pack up one day and I blog from the beach ... We will move back, when I don't know, I have set a deadline of Christmas next year. Bob is going to be a stay-at-home dad until Mishi is sleeping through the night, so when he goes back to work hopefully he can do so in Brisbane as his job is based there. Home with mum and dad, no more fly-in-fly-out ... sun, sand and sea ... just wish I could take this house with us, so much work went into it during the past 5 years - and i love my headlight windows and crystal light fittings, and my new huge storage cupboards ... oh well, there are more important things in life, and one of those is my kids growing up knowing the brilliant people that are my mum and dad.

Toby, a couple of weeks ago - yes that shirt is too small for him.

Incase you had forgotten what a ham he is, here is Toby modelling the latest fashion for kids - envelope shoes.

Seriously, what kid wears envelopes on his feet? I suspect his nanny Milk helped him fashion those little numbers. Toby is still a gorgeous boy, he is so friendly and happy and ... whinge ... mummeeee, mumeeee - he is learning to count. 1, 2, eleven or 1.2. 2,9,2,9.  He has the first three letters of the alphabet down pat, and is toilet training himself. I am pretty proud of him doing his business in "blue" - he tells us he wants to go, usually it's pretty urgent, so we offer him the potty, but he only wants "blue" (his toilet seat/stair combo is blue) ... so we race him in there and off he goes. So proud of our boy. Poor Tobo is about to experience the joys of child care, Mark 2 - it's time, he needs to be with kids of his own age, so we're off to look for a new facility - my heart will; break, I can't stand to be away from him, but the chicken needs to be pushed out of the nest at some stage (ugh for mummy).
I leave you with some random pinkness ... not sure about the first hat.


Anu said...

What a cute update! Love the envelope shoes :D LOL

Critty said...

They are so cute!

Critty said...

So cute!!!!

Kerrie and Mark said...

Does she ever look like Toby!! Gorgeous kiddos you have!! Hugs from Canada!

lucylu said...

Wow Meg Mishi has grown so much! Tobes is awesome that boy is going to rule the world with his envelope shoes and charming personality! So glad your Mum came down for a visit, what a sweet mum you have!
PS If you dont move to Stradbrooke island then count me in!!!!

Shakti Rose said...

They are both so very adorable, what a lovely little family, so pleased for you :)

New Year Dreaming said...

My how good looking your babies are!! Those smiles are to die for....take care xxxx mel

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg,
A very beautiful post with beautiful photos of Misha. She's very cute!
Lots of love,

Gary said...

Its amazing that Toby is 2 years old, he looks like 3 years old. Growing fast I suppose. Mishi is being spoilt with all the fancy new clothes. I'm sure that if you move to QLD, you'll love it there.