Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baby update

Yet another blog post that has taken three weeks to write. These pics are all 3 weeks old now. So much to say, so little time. I just want to get all this down not he blog so I remember this time of our lives. They grow so quickly, one day they are a new born, the next they are in school.

Squishy Mishi, such a happy girl, she smiles all the time, even in her sleep. She is the perfect baby!

Dog food and beans, stackity stack stack stack.

Little doll 

Pretty smiley girl in pink

Miss Sha Sha- clothing courtesy of Kim H over at A Family Miracle.

Not a lot happening, it's all work and looking after the kids. We're over in Queensland at Stradbroke Island at mum and dad's place. The beach is 50m from the house and Toby has had his first experience of waves. I must say, he's a bit of a princess, didn't like the sand on his feet, "dirty" and the leaves on the bush track leading to the beach were "itchy" so I had to carry him to the beach. He wasn't impressed with the sea breeze, ... "Windy, home". The waves were scary as were shells, "eeeek" and 

Mishali is now almost 4 months of age and growing into a big girl. We call her Buddha, she has a lovely chubby belly and fat thighs. She is a dream baby, a little doll, is contented and happy and very very good. She loves swimming in the bath, has very strong legs and broad shoulders. She is almost taking all her weight on her legs (held up of course) and she is about to master the "roll". Most of Mishi's day is spent sucking down a bottle, snoozing and being cuddled by her nanny. Mishali and Toby have baths together in nanny's BIG TUB ... I bought Toby a set of "squirties" ... basically 8 small things that you fill with water, stick to the side of the bath then wait for nanny or papa to arrive so you can squirt them. of course, Mishali, the slippery wonder gets out of my hands and prowls herself the length of the tub with her strong legs, ends up on Toby who bombs her in the face with a water squirty. And she just laughs. She doesn't mind getting her wet, her face wet or occasionally going under the water; whereas Toby - we still have major dramas with washing his hair. He hates his head being wet, so much that when it comes time to wash the filth from his noggin, the screaming can be heard up and down the street.

Toby is in day care three days week. he loves it. He calls it "friends". he is happy and excited to go to "friends" but if you call it "school", no way, he's not going there! He started asking for friends. When we got here it was school holidays and there lots of kids around. he got to play with four girls every day (age 4-13), who absolutely doted on him. When they went back home he was very ad and asked for his "friends". Now he has friends at day care, and he didn't even cry when I dropped him off ... he just waved and said, "Bye mummy" ... and off he went. Boo too ... my baby is growing up.

The House - Bob is in Perth finishing off the house, we will move to Brisbane permanently, but we can't rent out the house without doing a few things, like install electricity to Mishali's room, put in a window in the loungeroom (it's presently a hole in the wall boarded up on the outside); get in an electrician to put up the chandeliers I love but will now not be able to enjoy : ((

Why the sudden move to Brisbane? I miss my mum and dad so much. I want my kids to grow up knowing them. We need family support with the kids if we are both to work, and we can't afford $4000 month in childcare ... so I now have inbuilt carers for the bubbles, and i am back to paying "board" ... lol I am 46 years of age next month and living with my mummy and daddy paying board.

It's sad leaving behind the house I loved so much, but there will be other houses. When you go through surrogacy for four years as we have done, one is left with zero dollars and big fat debts, so the time has come to tighten the proverbial belt.

Here are some more pics taken last week.

How big is my Crome Dome, and what does "that" button on the computer do?

Box rides, the latest fun in the house. Mishali is very impressed!

Despite the cheeky smile, we have to watch this boy, he left his sister in a bedroom in the box covered by a blankie. I guess he just got sick if his toy. Box rides are closely supervised!

Feeding my sissy

Holding my own bottle at 3 months : ))


Michael's surrogacy Journey said...

awesome Meg I love the pics kids are so adorable. I am glad you are all doimg well

Mali's Blog said...

Hi Meg,

WOW!! Simply beautiful photos of Mishali & Toby.

Lots of love to you all,

Gary said...

Great photos of Toby and Mishi.
Toby thinks "friends" is good now, wait until he starts school with 500+ new buys and girls. He'll love it even more.
In just 4 months, Mishi has grown so much and before you know, she'll start walking and talking. Its fantastic that Toby is pushing Mishi around in the cardboard box, as he does care for his little sister. Bad luck in moving back home to QLD, but only short term you hope.

Aleksandra said...

I love these pictures, the baby in a box is the best! Thank you for the update, I love seeing all the little ones growing.

Chindian Dreams said...

Great photos, Meg! Always tough to keep up a blog and kids (especially plural) at the same time! Nice to read your updates!

Brent and Charlie said...

She looks like such a doll!

New Year Dreaming said...

How gorgeous are your two?? So adorable....they are both so photogenic and smiley. I hope your move to Queensland goes well. Take care xxx mel

lucylu said...

Oh Meg you are blessed with two good looking happy babies! So glad you are moving close to your Mum and Dad, family support is wonderful if you have it! Love the box rides reminds me when I used to do that for my little brothers. Take care :)

Stephaniekb said...

Such a sweet little girl, and so advanced holding her own bottle. I can practically smell that beautiful baby smell through the screen. Tobster is a naughty big brother, putting baby in a box! So glad you got an easy baby; you deserve it! Congrats on your move.

Stephaniekb said...

such a sweet little girl; I can almost smell that beautiful baby smell through the screen. So happy you have an easy baby; you deserve it! Sure looks like Toby is a wonderful big brother. Love the baby in a box! Congrats on your move!