Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy 600th post!

Can I tell you how proud I am of our babies? My love for them is so very deep, every day they make me laugh, at times they drive me crazy, they can be right whinging little toads then perfect angels - and I would not change a moment of my life. They are my everything.

Sweet Mishali. At four months of age she is rolling, mobility is kicking in. She sleeps less during the day, and now sleeps through the night - her grandmother is now getting a good night's uninterrupted sleep. (Yes, mum has been doing the night feeds so I can work and cope with Toby during the day, God I am LUCKY!!!! to have such a mum). She rolls from her back to her front, the opposite of Toby at the same age. When on her tummy she is bending her knees and digging in the toes, she is desperately trying to move, and not going anywhere. She gets frustrated and flips onto her back then tries the crazy crawl head first crawl, and gets nowhere. It's just a matter of time ...

A lovely big brother, Toby likes to kiss and feed his sissy. She has always been Sissy or Waa Waa, last week he called her "Mishi", which is pretty impressive considering he has only just started calling himself Toby instead of "You". As Mishali grows up and interacts more with the things in her corner of the world, Toby becomes more interested in her. He kisses her good morning, kisses her good bye and kisses her good night. Poor Toby is a bit rough and likes a full-on mouth schmuck when kissing and sometimes doesn't understand why his expressions of love make his sister cry.

Pappa's girl. This is may dad with his second grand daughter, she is the apple of his eye. I just love watching the love between them and watching my 76 year-old dad get so much joy from his babies. mummy regularly dumps a crying baby on his lap, and she settles for him straight away. The young do give the old(er) a new lease on life.

Pappa's babies. They adore him, especially Toby who is his little shadow. Toby draws Pappa pictures at Day Care and roudly stomps up the stairs calling " Pappa!" then presents him with his latest masterpiece. Toby waters the garden with Pappa, Toby helps Pappa with mechanical things, Toby cuddles on Pappa's lap and gives him big smoochy kisses. Toby goes to Pappa when called in Polish ... my child is becoming bi-lingual. Pappa has taught Toby to count to five - how cool is that?

Pappa: Ah boo boo boo boo boo
Mishali: Ah goo goo goo goo goo

Have I already posted this pic?  This is what you do to your little sister when daddy sends you stickers.

Sibling love. One day this photo will embarrass them.

Pucker up Sissy!

We've upgraded from a box to a pram. The pram is mine - it's 40 years old - it bought for me for my dollies when I was four, carted up to Queensland from Tasmania when I was seven, loved by my now 16-year-old niece when she played with dollies, and now belongs to the next generation. Living back at home is a blast from the past, I must say! Mum and dad complain they don't have enough space in their three level, five bedroom house, yet the bookcase still houses the 1975 collection of World Book Encyclopedia, a collection of Little Golden Books with titles including "Heroes of the Bible" (featuring no female characters, and a glaringly sacrilegious omission of Jesus); and I've just caught up on the 10 years worth reading of Diabetes Monthly.

As impressed with the pram as she was with the box

We sat Mishali on the scales last week, she is more than five kilos. The gorgeous dresses gifted to us by Kim over at A Family Miracle no longer fit her : (( I had to go shopping online for new clothes, ebay rocks, 19 auctions won, $160 spent and around 30 items of "new with or without tags" clothing on their way. Seriously, why buy new? People get given so much stuff when a baby is born, most of it isn't ever worn.

Uncle Egg! My brother Greg with the boy. One night he took photo of Uncle Egg to bed with him.

A Toby look. She is such a sweet quiet smiley little baby, but she has the "cheek" in her and it's starting the be revealed.

Happy on Pappa's lap.

Of course Sissy wants a collection of socks and shoes placed on either side of her head.

Another sweet little number from Kim H; sadly, it is now too small : ((

A kangaroo in the park next door. I am still astounded we live with wild life. YOu drive down the street and there are kangaroos on the verge. You walk down the street and have to dodge kangaroo poo. You drive down the street and have to go really slowly so you don't run over a koala. I saw a wild fox/dingo/inbred mongrel dog on my drive the other day; there are monitor lizards over a metre in length; we saw a shark in the breakers last week; and night time brings a n unpleasant chorus of kookaburra laughter. That's what you get for living on an island that is 90% national park.

Life is good!


Tandoori Viking said...

Oh, I just loved this post! You live like in a dream with cutest babies, best parents, cool cangaroos and koalas..

New Year Dreaming said...

What a fantastic post! I so enjoyed reading that Meg. How fast are the two of them growing up. They are both adorable children. Ebay is the best we have bought alot of second hand baby things on there. Saved us lots of money.

Gary said...

Mishali is really growing fast, but when does she start growing more hair.
I have one observation. The heading of the blog says mishali was born 25 May 2012, and i thought it was late June.
Thanks for the updates on Toby as we all remember him as such a small baby, now he is getting taller.
As for your 40 year old pram, maybe its worth something as its antique.

Critty said...

They are so beautiful

lucylu said...

Happy 600th Post! Your babes are just devine!! Shop on.....if I had a gril my god I would be broke!!!

John and Michael said...

So nice to see you and your babies are doing well. I particularly like the one where Toby is feeding Mishali the bottle. Glad to see he's growing into his big brother role. Best regards from our family to yours.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely superb post Meg! The photos of Mishali & Toby are soooooo cute & adorable.


Mumbai Beginnings said...

They are just beautiful! They have grown so much!!!