Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Time to say goodbye UPDATE

I haven't left the world of surrogacy, I still work with SCI, I just want to protect my kids from online predators ... and myself from online trolls; you can follow us at FB, it's a bit more private there - but I'll only add you if I know who you are!

Does anyone know if you can save a copy of your blog and keep the original one intact? I want to leave this blog as it is, but also edit out my more political moments so that I can print the blog into a book for the babies ... if you know how to do this, please let me know!!!!

I have decided to shut down this blog, for a number of reasons that I won't go into. I have had the great pleasure of being involved with surrogacy in India for five years now, it is time for me to enjoy my family and our beautiful children. For now, adieu!


Tandoori Viking said...

Tons of love to you and thank you for sharing everything with us! Big big hugs from Sweden!

I&D said...


Joann and Brian said...

Will miss the updates of your beautiful children. Enjoy every second with the little buggers - they grow up so fast!!

Anonymous said...

that is so sad :( I have followed your blog right from the beginning and check back daily to see if there are any updates.

It is so sad that it has come to an end

Sharlene (Perth)

Gary said...

Such sad news.
Watching Toby and Mishali grow has been so enjoyable, seeing what they get up to, how they play together, the mischief Toby gets up to.
Naturally it is a disappointment to see the last of Mishali and Toby, and it will be sad to see this blog gone. Good luck on your future Meg and your family.

Mali's Blog said...

Hi Meg,

Sorry to hear this as I'll miss your posts. But do enjoy your family & you deserve to,
All the best

Michael's surrogacy Journey said...


I completly understand. This was suppose to be a way to support other people in the progess and has turned into something else sometimes. I to dont really come on here that much anymore, as i need to protect my child and other un-names things that have happen form a phyco named paul, ooops did I say that LOL

Michael's surrogacy Journey said...


I undertand why you did because I feel the same way, there are some crazys out there Ie P**L you know who I am talking about. Take care and e-mail me girl you know it

Tigerlilycat said...

You can download your posts to Blurb, delete what you don't want within their software and then order hard copies. I've done this a few times now and it makes the best baby book (which is the reason I still blog monthly).

Think I might need to join FB now...


Anonymous said...

It has been a long voyage. You have been a ¨touch-stone¨ for us regarding surrogacy when we started out (back in 2009, although we went to Rotunda). Thank you, Meg. I´ll miss your posts but I wish the very best for you and your family. XO Kim from BCN