Sunday, February 24, 2013


Forum for IPs going to Thailand for surrogacy there being no place at present for open discussion. I encourgae you to join, support each other and be aware. Join at

also information forum at


Justin_J said...

What a horrible man! Thank you for continuing to look out for everyone in the world of surrogacy; even those of us who can no longer continue down the path in India with you and SCI.

My husband and I were crushed to hear the news about the new laws, but we were determined not to give up hope. As you know, we are now looking into Thailand as an option, so news like this is scary. However, when I looked for chat forums (similar to the one you established for SCI clients)so information like this could be shared with others looking into Thailand...I couldn't find any. So I created one myself.

I already took this article and posted it there to try to warn people. And I would welcome anyone who can no longer go through India, and finds themselves considering Thailand, to drop by and join the free forum.

Thanks again for all you do Meg!

Anonymous said...

What is your view on Mexico?

Amani (Meg) said...

I don't have a view, I am in touch with people offering surrogacy in Mexico. Wait and see I guess, it's all very new.

Sam said...

Hi everyone
Families Thru Surrogacy is hosting a few conferences next month for intended parents. This organisation is run by parents and there will be gay and straight couples/singles speaking about their experiences in Thailand India, US & other destinations
London 8-9 March (Italian, UK, Irish, Sweden & Spanish parents talking)
San Fran 15 March. (US parents talking)