Tuesday, March 19, 2013

UPDATED INDIAN NEWS, SCROLL DOWN - Gay foreigners can take home India-born babies

A lightbulb moment for Ministry of Home Affairs.


Gay foreigners can take home India-born babies

Gay and single foreigners will be able to take their born-in-India babies home.

The home ministry has decided to let babies – commissioned by gay and single foreigners after a July 2012 ban – to leave the country when they are born this year. ( a 12th July ban they didn't tell anyone about!!!) Only heterosexual married
 couples are eligible for a medical visa to travel to India to commission surrogacy under the new visa rule.

But realizing the urgency of the situation after a gay Australian couple came out with their story about hiring surrogate mother in India for their child, the home ministry has decided to revisit the issue.
“This is a special case.... Else we will be left with hundreds of parentless, stateless children. We can’t open an orphanage for them,” a senior home ministry official told HT.
The official said exit clearances would be given on a case-to-case basis after making sure that foreigners or clinics weren’t abusing the relaxation.
Home ministry officials, however, insist they had already held extensive discussions for a year before imposing the bar.
They got working on the new rule after a couple of instances where countries such as Germany and Japan refused to give citizenship to infants born to surrogate mothers in India.
Commercial surrogacy is governed under a set of guidelines issued by the Indian Council for Medical Research but the guideline isn’t enforced.
The government doesn’t even have a clue about the number of Assisted Reproductive Technology Clinics that handle surrogacy cases.
They got working on the issue after the baby Manji case (2008) and the German cases (2010) - all babies now home after a lot of court and pain and suffering all round. Well it didn't take long to get "working on the issue", well done Ministry of Home Affairs. 
 If the visa restrictions are aimed at stopping clinics giving treatment to parents from countries that will not give citizenship to a baby born through surrogacy in India - ie ROTUNDA - the main offender (don't bother writing to me Will and Michael, they created this problem and are now doing absolutely nothing to solve it), didn't it ever occur to the powers that be that 1. it is not a gay issue 2. it is not an issue with single parents - it is an issue with clinics giving treatment to anyone and everyone and not giving a toss whether they can get babies home. 
There will be many more parents of babies born through surrogacy in India who will show up at FRRO for an exit visa, babies who are already citizens of various countries - good luck denying exit visas, I will personally help any new parent from any country create a diplomatic incident between India and whichever country the baby holds citizenship.



The government on Tuesday said it proposes to bring a Bill to monitor the services of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) clinics and banks to regulate surrogacy in the country. (ie we are doing nothing about this mess we have created because we didn't consult anyone and now the pressure is on us to look like we're doing something but rather than actually do something we'll trot out this old chestnut! PS that was me speaking it wasn't really in the article )
“A draft Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill has been formulated and sent to Ministry of Law and Justice for concurrence,” Minister for Health and Family Welfare Ghulam Nabi Azad said in a written reply in Rajya Sabha.
He said in order to monitor the services of ART clinics and banks to help regulate surrogacy, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has already framed guidelines for accreditation, supervision and regulation of ART clinics and banks.
The Minister said the proposed law will help in effective implementation of the guidelines.
“The Bill describes the procedure for accreditation and supervision of Assisted Reproductive Technology Clinics and Banks,” Mr. Azad said, adding that such services needed to be ethical.
He said such a law will also ensure that medical, social and legal rights of all concerned were protected with maximum benefit to infertile couples or individuals within the recognised framework of ethics and good medical practices.
The Bill will also ensure the constitution of national advisory board and maintain a national registry of ART clinics and banks, state boards and registration authorities and fix their responsibilities and duties.
It will prescribe rights and duties of patients, donors, surrogates and children, Azad said, adding that it will also prescribe the procedure for registration of complaints.
It also seeks to regulate research on embryos, gametes or other human reproductive material and will regulate sourcing, handling, record-keeping for gametes, embryos and surrogate mother, the Minister said.
Well hurry up and damn well do it so that singles worldwide can use their genetic material and this Indian visa nonsense dies a thousand deaths!


Toban M said...

Thanks for the update, Meg. I just read your last sentence and... I love you.

Gary said...

This is very promising news if the baby is born this year. Lets hope that those single or gay couples who wish to start a family are not denied from achieving their dream.
Meg, great post.

Anonymous said...

You have it exactly right! The situation was created by the high profile cases involving Germany and Japan and an ART clinic that could n't care a fig. To clamp down this hard, reflects likely a moral conservatism that runs across Indian social and bureaucratic culture. That they stepped back, was the practical response. Yet, the message (hard as it might be to accept)is out there : gays, common-law couples and single non-Indian need to tread carefully(for the time being). One would assume that grand-fathering of babies-in-making - in whatever shape or form - will continue to be allowed, but we will need to see official announcements regarding that.

Amani (Meg) said...

and the high profile case of the embryo adoption for the single woman from Norway who couldn't get her twins hoe for two years, and the three cases from France where the clinic couldn't give a damn and when the fathers couldn't get citizenship of France, organised for a local Indian woman to pose as the mother of the babies and say she had no objection to the fathers taking baby home to France - only problem - same woman did it three times and on the third time they were caught out! But no, the clinic never did that the french dads organised this scam all by themselves! I wonder why then that doctor has been hauled over to France to face court? One clinic only - you guessed it!

GreatDistances said...

What a relief.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the complete backgrounder, when private clinics begin to be too cavalier, this is what happens: the authorities over-shoot. The fragile Indian co-lition formed national government is under extreme and inconsistent pressure to do the right thing (on many fronts)and what frequently comes out in the immediate aftermath looks like "a portrait of a horse drawn by a committee that looks like a camel". With input from you folks and the ART clinics, one should be optimistic that a clearer,fairer and rebalanced regulatory picture will emerge. To get a question raised, and responded to, in the House of Parliament underscores the importance and sensitivity of the subject. Do keep posting as you learn of developments. Mucho gracias!

Amani (Meg) said...

Anon, Thanks for your comments. I really know nothing about Indian Govt, I can't comment. I do, however, very much like your comment: "a portrait of a horse drawn by a committee that looks like a camel".

Michael's surrogacy Journey said...

Meg this is awesome, Because I want another baby and my little girl is doing so good. I have nothing but best wishes for other gay and single parents, as I AM HOME WITH MY BABY. COngrats on every IP in becoming a parents gay or stright married or not.

Choco Mayan said...

Wow, there are a lot of forward looking statement from the government on the will be proposed bill! We will propose smth that will do this and that and will also do this this this...sigh...The election is coming in a year, I wonder if they can pass the bill before that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Yes, the Indian coalition government is in a very fragile condition, there is speculation whether it will survive until the general elections due normally next year. A lot of political horse trading is going on, no matter what the horses look like, and the surrogacy issue has been one.Hopefully, the picture is being redrawn as we speak.

Will and Michael said...
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Will and Michael said...
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Will and Michael said...
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Amani (Meg) said...

This is how scummy people can get - my issues with the drink. How disgusting coming from cocaine addicts. Yes it's well known. You make up shit about me, you cop it back. So you have your 10 minutes of fame on my blog, no-one reads yours, you don't even update it.

This is an agent: www.surrogacyaustralia.com.au
This is an agent: www.surrogacyoverseas.com.au

Where is my agency website?

I do not deal with agents, I work for one clinic.
If I was an agent I would be charging people over and above a basic package fee - ask any of the 300 clients I have assisted have they paid one cent more for my assistance than they would have if they had dealt with Delhi admin directly.

You never asked questions, just took major offence because I don't happen to like your clinic. How sensitive are you??!!

I am not on SA FB page because I don't support their agenda. As for me abusing you on that page? Um, I do believe it was you who called me a rottweiler. That's not even original.

So here is the answer to the FRRO question from 2010. One client from USA who set herself up as an agent - her name is Myleen Sjodin - didn't pay her surrogate. She then tried to exit through Mumbai final account, of which the majority of that is the compensation to the surrogate. She forged an affadavit and got caught. This made Delhi FRRO suspicious - there were around 5 SCI clients at that time who had to have their surrogates interviewed to make sure they were paid and happy that all conditions of the contract had been fulfilled. There were also a handful from other clinics. You can go back to SCI blogs of people affected by that and this will be confirmed. Things then changed back, no more surrogate interviews, and there hasn't been since that time. It's a bit of a leap to relate that to what is happening now.

What is happening now has nothing do with that situation, it is actually conservative India saying they don't want to help gay couples become parents. Sorry, not my rule, but not my country.

I have worked in excess of 80 hours a week for around 4 years now, have had no holidays, answer calls from clients at all hours of the day and night, and I thoroughly care that others get to have what I have.

There's a bit of a difference working with people from states where surrogacy is illegal and against state law, - who can and do get their babies home - and accepting clients from places well know that do not allow citizenship (ie your beloved Rotunda) - Italy, france, germany etc. You don't think rotunda isn't making money out of insecurities? What are we all meant to work for free? Only agent I deal with is Medical Tourism Company which refers to Rotunda and SCI - and they are paid from basic package everyone pays, and those clients I don't actually get paid for. So get your facts before you make judgements about me and what I do or don't earn.

What do you think rotunda has done with the 90,000 they charge every clients for surrogate insurance? A policy costs 9000 in India. That's a lot of artwork for GA's collection as I don't think he has any dead surrogates - and you dare suggest Rotunda isn't a money making business? No just good guys who make babies for the love of it.

And exactly what are you doing but being hypersensitive about your beloved clinic, so what? Some people don't like SCI, I don't lose sleep over it, and making up ridiculous accusations.

Call me a lost soul, call me a rottweiler, call me a raving lunatic, call me a drinker, call me what you like, I contribute, you don't!

You have scraped the bottom of the barrel of filth. I have answered your question bout 2010, I am sure if will fall on deaf ears as there are none so blind as those who will not see.

Will and Michael said...
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Amani (Meg) said...
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Will and Michael said...
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Amani (Meg) said...

See again you are making things upas you go along and you provide no fact and nothing to back up what you're saying. You know nothing about what I am paid, what I am paid for, how i am paid - in fact what i do. there is a difference between referring people to a service, which I don't do, but hey, you know my business so well you won't believe that, and managing a pregnancy from start to finish. I do not refer, how do people find me and get in touch ith me? where is my agency website? I'd be a pretty poor glorified sales rep if I was a referral agent and didn't have a website to promote my business. And don't say through this blog, hardly anyone reads it these days, and I have any just put up an email address, before that people couldn't get me through the blog.

Now you can clinics, plural - no, one clinic Rotunda - killer of young egg donors and ripper-outerer or uteruses.

Um yes, didn't Paul recall you calling me a rottweiler on the SA Fb lage just this morning while giving you a serve for being the pig that you are?

Yes I know Rotund'as payment schedule very well, your beloved GA offered me a job at 20% more than SCI is paying me - for my referrals. i politely declined as I don't refer, anyone I deal with comes through the SCI website, there are client managers worldwide and I don't handle all the clients.

And for the record, since you are so interested in how wealthy I am, I did not get a free surrogacy - but guess I would have to scan and publish my bank transfers to SCI for you to believe that - and then i would be accused of photoshopping them anyway.

So just why are yo so interested in me and what I do? or don't do as may be the case.

BTW thanks for publishing threats against me on your blog, pretty poor form, am shaking in my boots. My taxes are well and truly paid up!

Making some damn fine coin ... rupee actually, it doesn't exchange as much coin, but if you're happy to think I earn ALL of the money for ALL of the clients at SCI then be my guest - have a cry while I snort cocaine off my boyfriend's back. Oh no, that's not me, that you!

Will and Michael said...
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Amani (Meg) said...

Um, when did I say you wrote the threats, oh yes saying I've got it coming isn't a threat? I never said it was you. You can't check IP addresses through blog comments you fool, well won't you look silly involving the police when the threats are about me, you seriously think they care about internet trolls?

No Paul is not a client of SCI just another one pissed off by rotunda - www.issurrogacyformepleasesayyes.blogspot.com
quite a few posts there maligning your beloved clinic. Go take a swipe at him. You didn't get it did you? Your comments weren't welcome, I do a great job, so does SCI, people protect us.

You have selective ability to absorb information don't you. Completely gloss over the post about the dead donor? I can assure you I am not the only person who detests Rotunda. But you keep deluded, live in your bubble, justify your abuse, forget your name calling. I am not on the SA FB page, haven't been for ages, I believe that thread was taken down there were so many complaints about your bullying. I told you I removed myself as I don't support their agenda.

BTW, Dr S loves me, and so do clients, just pop over to her blog from time to time, must eat you up.

Amani (Meg) said...

Go away you troll, you are boring me now, I am off to a wedding with my gorgeous family, I suggest you dust off yours and do something nice Game over, you lose!

Will and Michael said...
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Amani (Meg) said...

I have so much power to end Indian surrogacy all by myself, THANKS, just my aim. Well you shouldn't worry you've got your kids, what do you care?

Patsy said...

Hi meg
Trolls don't deserve your energy - I would just delete them. If you get a commission so what? Do you do a good job for sci? Probably or dr gour wouldn't want you, but I do query some of the ethics of clinics - for instance stimulating 2 surrogates is not permitted but a read the McCue story and they had done this. My clinic wouldn't do this and neither would any in Bangalore - we just accepted this and didn't shop around! This is my only criticism of the clinics and the fact that proportionally they get too much of the fee and not enough goes to the surrogates. We were told that we could pay what we believed was best over their set fee so we decided AUD10k for the surrogate. The clinic received $13k. We also gave a living allowance of $350 per month making it all square! I wish more clinics had this attitude.