Friday, March 15, 2013

Indian surrogacy changes small update

Indian Council of Medical Research has written to Ministry of Home Affairs telling them that surrogacy in India is allowed for singles.

Things are MANY things happening in the background, but no-one is going to update until it's in writing due to the flood of speculation out there in surrogacy land. It is in no-one's best interests to say or publish anything that is not fact and can't be proved, it just scares people.

It is unfair and unhelpful to continue the hysteria about babies being born stateless, clinics not doing anything, new parents to be fined (have heard everything from 100 rupee to $1000), money not being refunded, embryos and sperm held hostage, representative bodies doing nothing ... a lot is happening, but it takes time because clinics are dealing with having to cancel cycles, putting the new visa requirements in place and dealing with the terrified parents who are single and soon have baby pickup.

I have personally managed 4 hours sleep per night since last week when "the letter" from FRRO arrived and am juggling a toddler and 8 month old baby alongside a family dose of gastro.

Please be patient.

If you feel you are due a refund and you're not getting one, set up a blog and out the shameful clinic that is doing this. And take legal action.


alex and graham said...


Thanks for the update I'm sure we speak for everyone when we say thanks for all you're doing visibly and behind the scenes.

take care

graham & alex

Pankaj Nagpal said...

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