Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mumbai exit process now through Delhi FRRO

and other strange things ...

Exit process through Delhi
Australian IP with a clinic in Mumbai confirms he needs to go to Delhi for exit visa for baby as baby will be born after 1st April. Last month I personally saw a letter signed by Mumbai FRRO and Mumbai Deputy Police Commissioner stating no cases for singles asking for exit visas for babies born through surrogacy would be heard by Mumbai FRRO from April, this has been confirmed by two Mumbai clinics, and further confirmed by a consultant who assists clients from a variety of clinics in Delhi and Mumbai.

So, you have your baby, you're emotional, happy, ecstatic, and all you want to do after surviving surrogacy is go home. Now you have to leave the city you're familiar with, the service that assists you and possibly lawyers who assist you and find accommodation in Delhi while you negotiate the FRRO process, which we know, at this stage isn't pretty.

What is this madness? Perhaps they want to corral all singles in the one place for a mass dressing-down about how dare they have babies and not be a legally married man and woman.

Visas to India for baby pick-up
Australian single dad has just been granted a medical visa. Not just a medical visa that one would use if going to India for liposuction, a medical visa for surrogacy, the one that everyone is meant to travel on with all the requirements. Is this a good sign? ...  at the same time four of our clients yesterday going through VFS in Melbourne, all who meet the new requirements, had their applications questioned causing panic. A trip to the Indian Consul in Melbourne had it sorted for all, crisis averted, Steve you are a champion!

while in the UK ...
VFS services in UK has decided to add to the list of requirements and a client has been asked to submit a letter from their doctor to prove they cannot carry a baby and therefore need surrogacy. First time I've seen that on the list of MHA requirements. Hopefully a trip to the visa office today will sort that one out.

and from the US (Travisa)
A very diligent IP who is de facto has spent hours on the phone with Travisa explaining to them the visa changes and what is required and what isn't. Now one would think Indian Consul would do this, not a pregnant IP; reports are that Travisa have had no clear instructions on what to do with the multitude of cases and the variety of situations people are in and were very grateful to actually understand the history of how this all came about.

Case-by-case basis
Last letter from FRRO in Delhi recognised there were "gray areas" in new visa requires and stated those who had already commissioned surrogacy would have their situation reviewed on a case-by-case basis. They gave the email address of Dr Sharma from ICMR for clinics to contact him with their problems, ideas etc. Clients can now directly contact Dr Sharma to plead their case.

Let me tell you there is a rush of visits, emails and phone calls to Dr Sharma.  Dr Sharma is not the decision maker but he is advocating on behalf of singles. The decision maker is ultimately Minister for Health. This far there has been no official statement nor any guidance from Minister for Health, which passes his Ministry's decisions to MHA to order visa changes and FRRO polices it all.

What a debacle.

Just want to let you all know the two things SCI is focussing on right now is 1. currently pregnant singles (we're not worried about this as everyone is getting their exit visa and the Dragon of Evil at Delhi FRRO has calmed down, thank you JD for threatening to leave your babies on her desk while you went to get help from Australian Embassy and media to get your Australian citizen babies out of India, you have no idea how things have changed for the better since you went through) ) and 2. those with frozen embryos who can't ship them out of India.


Anonymous said...

Great post Meg, very informative, glad you are staying on top of breaking news and informing the rest of us.

It's terrible for all single IP's to have to go to Delhi to get an exit visa. Presumably it is being done for adaministrative reasons and possibly to glean information at a central location. But, it's not good news in human terms. It's tough enough to be in Mumbai with vulnerable little newborn babies, heading to Delhi adds another dimension of hardship. Perhaps, the next up in Delhi be quietly able to explain this to the FRRO.

Thanks for providing the global view, we need to collate as much perspective as we can. I am sure many VFS offices do not have full information and therefore are preferring to take the no risk route by asking a lot of questions. Too bad, little do they realize how much additional anxiety they generate. Hopefully matters will soon settle down with some rational input from the ICMR.

Care Surrogacy said...
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Amani (Meg) said...

Thanks yet again for spam from Wee Care in USA, agent selling Indian surrogacy services I have previously complained about spamming blogs. Please be aware of these people, www.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meg,

Thanks for keeping us posted with your posts. There are two questions that I would like to ask.

1 – I am getting more and more confused with the Mumbai exit process. Some people are still positively declaring that “Mumbai IPs having to go to Delhi” is just a rumor ( and there are people like you still confirming that I would need to go to Delhi.

2 – When you are writing that an Australian single dad has just been granted a medical visa, I am assuming that you are talking about someone who is going back to India to pickup his baby, not someone who wants to begin the Surrogacy process. Am I right? On this subject, I will ask you the same question that I have asked other people… I am in the following category: Commissioning parents with pregnancies established after July 12 and before Dec 17. Since I commissioned the surrogacy before the new visa requirements, I was asked by my clinic to apply for a tourist visa, which I did (5 year visa). Now, for “baby pickup”: why would I apply for a medical visa and take the (high) risk of having it denied when I currently have a valid tourist visa? So far, I have been told the following ( “…If I were in your shoes, I'd probably go on the tourist visa and let the chips fall where they may. If you already have a valid 5-year visa and then you apply for a new medical visa, it will definitely arouse suspicion before you arrive in the country. Not that you are technically doing anything wrong…” What would be your answer?

Thanks for all your hard work!

Michael's surrogacy Journey said...


I spoke to Poonam she is happy to assist anyone that needs help once they get to Dehli. Her e-mail is she can assisit any single IP that needs to get out of the country. I used her and she is wonderful. Also trvista in the USA I thought were awesome they are the ones that gave me the medical visa. said...

Thank you for your updates! As we are about 8 weeks out, I'm wondering if I should even bother applying through Travisa for the medical visa. If I have to register with Mumbai FRRO within 14 days and then travel to Delhi for the exit visa, I may as well just pay the 30 dollar fine per child.

Choco Mayan said...

Omg doctor's letter to prove infertility? Does MHA really think that we want to do this for fun and have tons of money to spend?

Kerrie and Mark said...

I also get the weecare spam on my blog..I turned on comment moderation and just delete these obnoxious spammed comments.
Loving all the info you share on yor blog!!

Anonymous said...

Going from Mumbai to Delhi, as your post suggests, would actually have been easier than what is actually happening:

Do you know if what is going on in Mumbai is also going on in Delhi?


Anonymous said...

We also had no problems with the new art visa. Had a signed declaration that had been together for 5 years. Visa came in 3 days.

Anonymous said...

My husband & I had twins via a gestational carrier (surrogate, but 100% our DNA) in Anand, India. We are in India now. We are being told that we must fly first to Mumbai with the twins, obtain US passports from the US consulate in Mumbai (after REQUIRED DNA test) and THEN fly back to Anand where the children were born to obtain the exit visa....and then fly back to Mumbai to catch an international flight.

Does anyone know if we can obtain an exit visa in Mumbai - even though our children were not born in Mumbai (which seems to be the issue - get exit visa where the child was born).

Foreign Residents Registration Office (FRRO) in Mumbai has been of little help.