Saturday, May 11, 2013

Australian children through surrogacy - passport renewal

I heard back from the passport office - at this stage there is no mention of surrogacy on the passport application form. However when renewing your child's passport from Australia, you have to complete the B4 form, and B5 form (if you can get in touch with your surrogate) or the B9 form if you can't get in touch.

I did ask if you can apply and not mention surrogacy, and was advised that if you submit a normal application and it's picked up baby was born in India you may be asked for more information and that will delay issuing the passport.

The reason the extra forms are required is not to single out families whose children were born through surrogacy, but because there is nothing in the Family Law act or Passports Act that covers the situation of children born overseas through surrogacy. Australian Government is being careful and

While initially I felt affronted that my role as mother of my children was being questioned as consent of  third party had to be obtained in order for my children to get a passport, now I'm okay about needing to complete a few extra forms.  I am fine to share the mummy  podium with Rani and Mrs M, two incredible women who gave their hearts, minds and bodies to give Toby and Mishali life.


Brian White said...

Alright, the form says you must have exhausted all efforts to contact the 'Other person with parental Responsibility'.

So they want you to hassle the surrogate ?

If there is nothing in the Family Law, and Passports law pertaining to Overseas surrogacy, then why did the person who emailed me back say that "Under Australian Law, the Surrogate Mother has parental responsibility for a child she gave birth to, regardless of whether or not she has a biological link, is on the Birth Certificate or status of responsibility in another country.".

So which is it, That there is nothing in the Family Law and passports acts, or there is ?

This came from Graeme Swift, Assistant Secretary, Passport Client services, Passport office Canberra.

He seems to think that it *IS* covered under Passports act 2005.

"APO has developed processes for ensuring that all requirements under the Passports act 2005 are satisfied before a passport is issued to a child born under surrogacy arrangements.

Seems the person who replied to you needs to sit down and have a head banging session with Graeme Swift in Canberra.

I would love to send a copy of your letter / Email back to Graeme swift and get his opinion.

Isn't Australia fantastic, another daily case of one hand saying one thing, and the other hand saying another.

Maria Townsel said...

The growing popularity of surrogacy Australia has changes the lives of many people. It is time for the government authorities to incorporate the required changes in the forms to avoid such inconveniences.