Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Passport update

Very quick update on the passport situation for Australians. I spoke with DFAT and advised them there is no mention of surrogacy on the application form to renew a passport for a baby who is born through surrogacy. The CSO I spoke with said she didn't know if I had to complete the B4 and B5 forms and would refer the matter to someone higher up and they would call me back. That was a few days ago ... no call as yet. Will update when I get something definite.


Tom said...

Appreciate the update. Thanks!

Jacaranda said...

Passport for Miss T applied for on Tue 23rd at regional Post Office. No mention of surrogacy whatsoever and no mention of B4 or B5. I had a plethora of documentation on me if required but all that was requested was her citizenship by descent document, her current (emergency) passport, my Medicare card and my drivers license. All submitted without incident but now, 10 days later they are asking for her birth certificate. Do not know why. Had it on day of submission but was to,d not required because citizenship trumped it. So frustrating and inconvenient (post office 60km away) but fingers crossed that is all they need and process continues smoothly. Will update if you like?

Brian White said...

Yes keep us updated.

Documents required seems to vary on the particular post office you are lodging at.

For example, the wife. One Post office wanted *EVERY* single document under the sun since birth, which we had to go away and get a hold of, but the second attempt at another post office just wanted, Birth Certificate, Citizenship, and a Stat Dec because the Citizenship certificate was missing details on the reverse, and the Passport was issued, so why the truck load of documents requested at the first ? First and second attempts were done at different franchise stores, not corporate.

Personally, I believe the Birth Certificate is needed as it goes towards identity. It still think it will be okay. You wait :)