Monday, May 13, 2013

Single foreigners may get surrogacy option

In case you haven't seen it, read below. I wouldn't  trust this until an official statement has come from the relevant Ministries in India. So stupid information has to come from media and not directly from Indian government. I would how many people are permanently turned of surrogacy in India now thanks to all the chopping and changing of Indian rules. Madness.

The Indian government has decided to revisit the home ministry ban on unmarried foreigners from entering the country to commission surrogate babies.
The home ministry had last July introduced a condition that entitled only heterosexual couples — married for at least two years — to get a medical visa for travel to India to commission surrogates.
The restriction was placed after instances of Germany and Japan refusing to give citizenship to infants born to surrogate mothers in India.
But the new rules — that also required the foreign government to promise to give such babies citizenship — barred single and gay foreigners from commissioning surrogacy.
“We are reconsidering the decision with respect to foreigners who are single,” a senior government official told HT.
Dr Anoop Gupta at the Delhi IVF & Fertility Research Centre said the relaxation would come as a big relief. “This is a very positive development,” he said, since, once the relaxation is notified, it would benefit foreigners who are gay too.
The visa restriction had hit gay couples hard, who were hoping to start a family.
Back home, the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) — that doubles up as the department of medical research — too had opposed the visa restriction. “If they can be trusted with an Indian child, they can certainly be trusted with their own,” an ICMR official had argued earlier.


    Gary said...

    Wouldn't this be great if confirmed by the authorities.
    Many singles have endured a lot, with the aim of wanting to start a family, so we should not be barred from achieving a dream. I hope the Indian Government allows this to happen.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks Meg, what a relief! This is a game-changer. Reason must prevail. Wonder how long Notification from the MHA will take?

    John and Michael said...

    Hello Megan,
    I read your blog regularly.
    Thank you for keeping us informed of this important updates that affect singles and unmarried couples. Although we need to wait for the official India Government to comment, the article and your summary is definitely encouraging news.
    Also, Happy Mum's day to you.

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you so much for your continual posting on visa issue. My defacto and I monitor your blog. We will be at SCI's door the moment that the visa restrictions are lifted. Please let it happen very, very, very soon!