Saturday, June 8, 2013

Indian surrogacy family - PLEASE help a tiny baby and her mum who are in desperate need

Surrogacy family worldwide

We have an Aussie mum with her beautiful little girls born through surrogacy in India in need.

Please help in whatever way you can!

Hati and Namaeya

Working with hopeful parents from all over the world during the past four years, I have seen the worst and the best of humanity. In the main my experiences have been wonderful, I have seen so much joy, so many births, so many amazing families created ... but also the occasional tragedy.

Surrogacy community, we have a little baby girl named Hati who is hanging onto life right now. Her sister Namaeya is doing well. Their mum Kylie has just arrived in Delhi, she is okay but is very fragile, and is facing any new parent's worst nightmare.

Please pull together to help one of our own!  Kylie, Namaeya and Hati need your help!

To anyone of the more than 500 families I have personally assisted through your surrogacy process during the past four years, I beg you to help as I have helped you in the past.

Please help save this sweet little soul's life!

Please read their full story at this link and please give whatever you can.


Anonymous said...

I have tried and tried and tried but the paypal wont accept my password and wont accept my money. Very frustrating.

lucylu said...

Prayers for this special family. Hope we can all pull together to help them as much as possible.